The attention of the Authorities of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) has been drawn to a mendacious, malicious and reckless write-up on on the above subject. While the University Management would not like to join issues with the authors of the piece, we wish to put the records straight for the avoidance of deliberate public misinformation.

  1. Contrary to the allegation that 15 student activists were expelled, only 6 (six) students were expelled from the University following the unwarranted violent protest unleashed on the University on February 17, 2017. The six affected students consciously contravened the University Regulations guiding students’ conduct and were disciplined in line with the University’s laid-down rules.


  1. FUTO as a federal university does not charge tuition fees. Tuition remains FREE. Students only pay service/municipal charges.


  1. FUTO Management has no influence on commissions charged by Banks.


  1. The Federal University of Technology, Owerri has no history of hike in fees. The only addition on service charge was the sum of N7000 only for ICT facility (WIFI) on campus which was agreed upon in consultation with the Students Union Government and Students Representative Council. Outside this, the University Management did not introduce any other fees as alleged in the spurious online write-up.


  1. As at the time of the unfortunate violent protest, Internet Hot Spots were already being installed round the campus while fibre-optic cables were being laid in keeping with the ICT revolution of the University Administration.


  1. At no point in the course of the University Management’s engagement with the Students Union Government was there any discontent; hence, there was no need for any call for external intervention by anybody or group as purported in the online post.


The Federal University of Technology, Owerri is the premier University of Technology in Nigeria, with an age-long reputation for excellence. The current University Administration under the leadership of the 7th substantive Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francis C. Eze is committed to this reputation as encapsulated in his strategic mantra, ‘driving the culture of excellence’ which is already yielding positive results.

The misguided student uprising was an unwarranted violent campaign by some disgruntled elements who, working in cahoots with mercenaries and buoyed by bandwagon effect from hoodlums, willfully unleashed mayhem on the University, to a scale that was unprecedented in the history of the University. If not for the mature way the crisis was handled by both Management and the security agencies, there could have been loss of lives. The University Management is, however, not deterred by this cowardly act; and remains focused and resolute on its mission.


Chike Ezenwa, FCAI, MNIM, MNIPR

Deputy Registrar/Coodinator

Information, Publications and Public Affairs Unit