Animal Science & Technology Department

School of Agriculture & Agricultural Technology (SAAT)

Dr. C. T. Ezeokeke

Dr. C. T. Ezeokeke

Head of Department

B Sc., M Sc., PhD.

Dr. C. T. Ezeokeke

Head of Department

  • Academic Staff


    Prof. M. U. Iloeje

    Prof. A. B. I. Udedibie

    Prof. B. O. Esonu

    Prof. N. J. Okeudo

    Prof. G. A. Anyanwu

    Prof. I. C. Okoli

    Prof. (Mrs.) U. E. Ogundu

    Prof. M. C. Uchegbu

    Prof. O. O. Emenalom


    Dr. E. B. Etuk

    Dr. C. T. Ezeokeke

    Dr. I. F. Etuk

    Senior Lecturer

    Dr.(Mrs.) H. O. Obikaonu

    Dr. V. M. O. Okoro

    Lecturer I

    Mr. N. J. Anyanwu

    Dr. I. P. Ogbuewu

    Dr. C. C Ugwu

    Lecturer II

    Dr. E. C. Akanno

    Dr. O. N. Aladi

    Dr. V. U. Odoemelam

    Miss F. C. Egenuka

    Mr. T. C. Iwuji

    Mrs. O. E. Kadurumba

    Dr. I. C. Unamba-Oparah

    Assistant Lecturer

    Mrs. C. P. Okere

    Mr. E. U. Ahiwe


Established in 1982, Animal Science is a professional course fully backed by the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS), the agency regulating practice the of Animal Science in Nigeria. Our Curriculum provides the students of animal science with the requisite knowledge, skill and working experience for the practice of animal science profession. With the establishment of the Nigeria Institute of Animal Science (NIAS), the image and status of the animal scientist have changed, giving her pride, prominence and motivation.

The Department imparts the technical skills and expertise required for successful management of modern livestock enterprises.



To become a centre of excellence in research and training in Animal Science and Technology as well as the development of required expertise for the Animal Production Industry and related Industries.



To produce manpower with a thorough professional background in general agriculture in addition to a very accomplished expertise and specialization in the art, science and technology of Animal Science and Technology through quality research and teaching.


i.      To produce skilled manpower in Animal Science and Technology through research and teaching.

ii.    To provide academic liaison and dissemination of research findings through public lectures, conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops and publications.

iii.   To provide policy advice and formulation on issues related to Animal Science and Technology.



In 1989/90 Session, the Department developed a highly specialized Postgraduate training for students in the areas of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management, Animal Products Technology and Reproductive Physiology.

The Department has over the years developed viable livestock holding in the University Teaching and Research Farm. These include large and small ruminant unit, cattle unit, swine unit, poultry unit and feed mill.

In the area of research, the staff of the Department has developed a lot of novel feedstuffs for the livestock industries including jack bean (Canavalia ensiformis), velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens), gelatinized cassava tuber meal, among others.

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