Biotechnology Department

School of Biological Sciences (SOBS)

Dr. (Mrs.) T. E. Ogbulie

Dr. (Mrs.) T. E. Ogbulie

Head of Department

Dr. (Mrs.) T. E. Ogbulie

Head of Department

  • Academic Staff


    Prof. P. T. E. Ozoh

    Prof. (Mrs.) H. C. Nwigwe

    Prof. I. A. Okwujiako

    Prof. T. I. N. Ezejiofor


    Dr. I. Onyeocha

    Dr. N. Ukwandu

    Senior Lecturer

    Dr. S. O. Anyadoh-Nwadike

    Dr. E. U. Ezeji

    Dr. (Mrs.) T. E. Ogbulie

    Dr. (Mrs) A. C. Udebuani

    Dr. J. N. Okereke

    Dr. I. C. Mgbemena

    Dr. C. A. Nsofor

    Dr. I. E. Nwabunnia

    Lecturer I

    Mr. M. C. Nnoli

    Dr. E. A. Anyalogbu

    Mr. R. N. Okechi

    Mrs. C. O. Azuwike

    Dr. (Mrs.) J. U. Udensi

    Lecturer II

    Miss N. U. Chikezie

    Assistant Lecturer

    Miss. C. Ogwunga

    Mrs. A. A. Nwachukwu


Biological Sciences constitutes a field of coordinated study based on the life and living organisms. Traditionally, the subject has been divided into Zoology, the study of animals, and Botany, the study of plants. The subject enquires into the natural constitution of living matter and the biochemical processes by which the maintenance of life is accomplished in organisms.
The basic philosophy of the Department of Biological Science in keeping with the fundamental philosophy of the University at large is designed to encourage and promote the training of students in all aspects of Biological Sciences. At the end of their programme of studies, the students are expected to be aware of their environment and appreciate the balance between plant and animal life. Above all, the Department is to produce graduates who can relate to life in general. The training will expose students to the knowledge of plants and animals. The graduate biologists are not only equipped with knowledge in all the modern aspects of the discipline but also aware of the particular problems of Nigeria and Africa in general, in the area of their speciality. The emphasis of the programme will be on developing the skills and knowledge necessary for the application to a wide range of biological challenges. There will also be adequate opportunities for research training in such areas of biology such as General and Applied Ecology, Entomology, Parasitology, Plant Science and Hydrobiology.
Our vision is to develop into a world-class technology incubation centre where new ideas are formed, researched and congregated for the development of our local technology for the enormous benefits of enhancing intellectual capital, reducing unemployment, the creation of wealth, increase production of goods and services and add value to the economy.
The students will also be adequately prepared for interdisciplinary research work in biological sciences, involving a gainful application of the principles of Biostatistics, Genetics, Physiology, Embryology, Immunology etc. It is also the goal of the Department to produce students who can relate to the needs of the Nigerian society and beyond, through their knowledge of the many facets of Biology. The students as expected will power our industries in producing goods and services needed to improve our levels of industrial development. Above all, it is the aim of the Department to train and develop the minds of our students such that they can be well-educated people capable of logical reasoning.

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