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FUTO understands the need for comfort for her students especially as this can affect the overall output of the student. The University Accommodation Office provides a register containing houses, flats and rooms to rent in the private sector, and also lets and manages accommodations owned by the University to graduates.

Club, Events and Societies

At FUTO, Students experience a wide variety of activities including those initiated by the students themselves and also some which are University sponsored recreational activities available for our students to join or attend.

Some of which Include:

  • The Kegites Club
  • Speech and Debate Club
  • Muslim Student Society
  • Entertainment Club
  • Thespian and Literary Club

Student Union Government.

FUTO’s Student Union Government, an association of student representatives elected by the student body to protect the interests of students has for many years improved the voice of students on Campus. It has grown to become an important part of campus life. It serves as a link between the university administration and the student body and is the organ through which the voice of the students is heard.

The Student Union Government seeks to create a conducive environment so that all students reach their full potential. It strives for a campus that has every conceivable amenity and facility that students require.

The SGA is tasked with ensuring that the concerns and complaints of the students are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The Student Union Government seeks to create an atmosphere on campus in which students have extracurricular activities and events to develop non-academic skills.

Another important function of the Student Union Government is to communicate information between the University and students, and to make decisions together with the University that reflect the best interests of the students.

The membership of the Students’ Union is voluntary. Membership is open to all matriculated students of the University and renewable at the beginning of every session on payment of membership annual dues payable to the designated accounts of the Students’ Union