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Welcome to Academic Planning & Development Unit, Office of the Vice-Chancellor, FUTO. Every administrator relies on specific structures to achieve organizational goals. These structures are normally in forms of units, departments, etc. The seventh substantive Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Prof. F. C. Eze on assumption of office did expound his administration’s direction in what he termed/christened “Driving the Culture of Excellence”.  Driving the Culture of Excellence or the mantra of his administration simply aims to take the Federal University of Technology, Owerri to the next level by defying all existing and potential odds. To achieve this noble objective implies that the administration must have clear and purposeful vision and mission. Well defined structures manned by staff with requisite skills and orientations must be in place to drive the mission and vision to a successful end. One of such structures is the Academic Planning and Development Unit.

Sections and their Heads

Dr. (Mrs.) Emilia C. Nwokenkwo

B.Sc, M.Sc, MBA, PhDAcademic Planning and Development Section

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Rev. Pastor Oliver Chijioke Nwagwu

Secretariat Section

The Secretariat is the engine hob of the Academic Planning & Development Unit as it is central to all the activities of the Unit as it receives, processes and administers all information of the Unit.

Past Directors

  • K. Lupton – 1981 – 1986
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Nkere (Ag.) – 1987 – 1991
  • Prof. M.U. Iloeje – 1992 – 1997
  • Prof. J.O. Ukponmwan – 1997 – 2001
  • Prof. O.E. Okorafor – 2001 – 2006
  • Prof. M.O.E. Iwuala – 2006 – 2009
  • Prof. C.N. Ubbaonu – 2009 – 2013
  • Prof. G.F. Okorafor – 2013 – 2016
  • Prof. I. S. Iwueze – 2016 – to date

Responsibilities of the Unit

  1. Liaison with the Director of Physical Planning and Development to ensure close coordination of the academic and physical aspects of planning.
  2. Planning the academic development of the University in accordance with the directives of the appropriate University bodies, and producing the University Calendar.
  3. Collecting information necessary for planning, liaison with other parts of the University to ensure that information is available in the form required.
  4. Submitting returned of general statistical data to the National University Commission and other bodies.
  5. Advising on issues related to planning and drawing attention to problems needing resolution.
  6. Submitting quarterly/annual reports to the Vice-Chancellor.
  7. Reviewing annual recurrent estimates of the academic and support units, within financial limits as advised by the Bursar, and in liaison with the Bursar and Registrar over such matters.
  8. Assisting in negotiation for technical assistance from outside bodies.
  9. Performing other duties which the Vice-Chancellor may from time to time delegate to them.


The Unit was established in 1981 with the inception of the University. Due to its unique and strategic roles in the University, the unit is located in the Vice-Chancellor’s office. The first Director was Mr. K. Lupton (1981-1986) a seasoned administrator. He was succeeded by Dr. (Mr) N. I. Nkere (1987-1991). The other successive Directors have been high ranking academics and are assisted by some professional and few administrative staff. The duties of the unit has been outlined below.

Responsibilities of the Deputy Director

  1. Performing the duties of the Chief Academic Planning Officer at a higher level of responsibility.
  2. Liaison and consultation with Deans, Provosts, Registrar, Bursar, Librarian on information and data on staff and students for planning purposes
  3. Assist in searching/soliciting for fellowships, scholarships, technical assistance, external aids etc. for staff to enhance teaching, researching and development.
  4. Preparation of strategic plans or any other academic development plans.
  5. Evaluation of academic programmes, rationalization of courses, demerger/merger of academic units.
  6. Co-ordination of accreditation of degree/academic programmes
  7. Assists the Director in all the duties of the Academic Planning and Development Unit.

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