Akinyinka Olukunle Akande

Lecturer II

B.Eng., M.Eng. PhD


I, Akinyinka Olukunle was born to the family of Late HRH Oba and Late Mrs Joseph Oyewale Akande of Abun Compound OKO-Oja via Ogbomoso.  I obtained B.Tech and M.Eng. degree at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso and University of Ilorin, respectively. Also, in 2019 I completed my PhD degree at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Academic Qualification

  • PhD (In Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering    –   2019
  • Registration with COREN (Registration Number: R. 32,488)    –    2016
  • Registration with NSE (Registration Number: 35519     –     2015
  • M.Eng (In Electrical and Electronics Engineering)     –    2013
  • B. Tech (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering     –     2007
  • Advance Diploma in Management Information System     –    2001



Courses Assigned to Teach

ECE 302, EEE 311, EEE 405, ENG 226, ECE 407, ECE 510, COE 411, COE 509 AND COE 503



  • NYSC  –  Collins Vocational College, Umorgi, Ohaji/Egbama LGA, Owerri     –     2008
  • Nurudeen Grammar School, Ogbomoso/ TESCOMOyo State     –    2008 -2014
  • Subject  – Mathematics and Computer Science           
  • Lecturer  –  Federal University of  Technology Owerri     –     2014

Research Interest

Signal Processing and Radio Resource Management in Wireless Networks

Mobile Radio Channel Estimation and Optimization in 3G/4G /5G Network Technology


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