The Owerri Chapter, which is the Mother Chapter, is one of the pioneer chapters of the FUTO Alumni Association. The chapter is a peculiar and vibrant one, mostly populated with academics, entrepreneurs, among others. The chapter boasts of a large collection of active elders who have made their marks in different fields of endeavour. The chapter seriously accords our elders their pride of place which helps to engender peace and harmony in the chapter.

The Owerri chapter presently operates about six branches. These branches are for easy mobilization of our members. Also, the chapter has established Think Thanks based on professional learning to facilitate its engagement with the larger society on contemporary and topical issues to promote the common good.

Chapter’s Annual Projects:

The Owerri Chapter carries out a project for the University on an annual basis. Last year being 2017, a signpost of the university was designed and mounted at the Naze Junction to serve as an aid for visitors trying to locate the institution, particularly those coming from the aforementioned axis.

List of Registered Members

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