Bursary Unit

Central Stores Unit

The unit exists to ensure the effective use of available resources of the University by stocking items needed for day to day use in the office. The stores also serve as suitable places for safe keeping of non-stock items bought that may not be for use immediately.

The activities require very good storekeeping and the following are the job procedures involved:

(a) Receipt of Goods:

  1. Receive goods supplied alongside with a representative of the user department after confirming that their specifications agree with what was ordered.
  2. Raise Store Receipt Voucher (SRV) for all items received.
  3. Record SRV on the Bin Cards to reflect new stock balances.
  4. Stack goods in their designated positions in the Store.
  5. Send delivery note and SRV to the Bursar’s office for processing item for payment to the supplier.

(b) Replenishment of Stock:

Advise the Management on replenishment of stock when balances are at the re-order level so as to avoid stock out.

(c) Stores Procedure for Stock taking Exercise:

The store’s procedure for stocktaking exercise is as follows:

  1. Notification for the exercise is received by the store officer
  2. The store personnel arrange the store in an orderly manner
  3. Updated Bin Cards are provided for the exercise
  4. The stock takers count the physical stocks and reconcile them with the Bin Card balances
  5. The following persons sign the stock sheets used for the exercise:
    • The Storekeeper
    • The leader of the Stock takers
    • The Internal Auditors
    • The External Auditors
  6. Copies of the stock sheets are distributed to the following:
    • The External Auditors
    • Internal Auditors
    • The Bursary (Final Accounts Unit)

(d) Issuance of Goods:

Stock items are issued based on approval by an authorizing officer or his nominee. Such issuance of stock is made if a properly filled Stores.  Requisitions and issue voucher has been priced by the stores and controlled by the Expenditure Control unit.

The Stores Requisition and Issue Voucher (SIV) is a medium of allocating stores items to users and is the written evidence for debiting the votes or accounts of the user units. To the Storekeeper, it is the only evidence to show that he has parted with stock while to the user unit it serves as a request to withdraw stock.

The essential information to look out for on the form by the Storekeeper are:

  1. Name of item
  2. Code of charge
  3. Signature of the authorizing officer
  4. Quantity required
  5. Department/School/Unit
  6. Unit of issue