Bursary Unit

Final Account Section

The Specific Functions of the Unit are to:

  1. Prepare and report on management account and financial statement.
  2. Check the summary and detailed Trial Balance for errors
  3. Confirm accuracy of records by means of balancing and confirmatory procedures.
  4. Prepare monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual management accounts for the Management and Council.
  5. Prepare the financial statement of the University for Statutory Audit.


Call Over of Receipts and Payment Vouchers

  1. Confirm accuracy of codes assigned and the correctness of the documents.
  2. Raise journal vouchers to correct errors observed
  3. Receive payment vouchers and receipts from the Cash Office.
  4. Arrange both payment vouchers and receipts by bank account name for ease of call over exercise
  5. File both payment vouchers and receipts according to their respective bank account   
  6. Retrieve past records for External Auditors and Government representatives (Auditor-General, Accountant General of the Federation) from archives or any other source


Co-ordination of Statutory Audit of University’s Financial Statements

  1. Invite the External Auditors for the annual audit exercise.
  2. Agree on a date with the External Auditors for the commencement of the audit exercise.
  3. Attend to issues raised by the External Auditors during the audit exercise.
  4. Respond to Management Letters from the Auditors.


Visitation by Representatives of various Government Financial Regulatory Bodies & Agencies         

  1. Receive officials from Supervisory and Regulatory Agencies
  2. Respond to queries raised (if any)
  3. Responsible for the creation of accounting codes
  4. Communicate to various units concerned informing them of the created codes.