Bursary Unit

Students Accounts Section

This unit interfaces with the students of the University through the various School Accounts Sections for their Financial Matters during their stay at the institution.

(a) Undergraduate Students

  • Confirmation of fees payment

Check online receipts generated by students with the bank payment schedules and or the fees payment portal (as the case may be); in order to confirm correctness and completeness of fees paid; then sign and stamp the receipts.

  • Ledger Update

Each student’s ledger is updated automatically on-line after payment to reflect the current status, however, a back-up, manual ledger of every student is updated at the various School Accounts’ offices, with the online receipts and/or, follow-up print-out from the office of the Unit head.

  • Opening Ledger for Fresh Students

Obtain the list of registered students from the admissions office/ Information Communication Technology Centre (ICTC).

Reconcile the list with the fees payment print-out of each Department/School to ensure full compliance.

Open ledger page each for a student serially in accordance with their Registration/Matriculation numbers.

(b) Postgraduate Students

The same procedure as for undergraduate students.


(c) Payment to Students

Payments are made to students in respect of Bursary awards, a refund of school fees due to wrong payment, overpayment or withdrawal from a programme, refund of hostel fees due to non-allocation of bed space, etc.    

  • Payment of Students Awards
    • Ascertain that there is due authority/approval for payment to be made
    • Forward to Expenditure Control for commitment
    • Raise payment voucher (PV)
    • Forward voucher to Audit Unit for verification
    • Forward audited PV to Cash Office for e-payment
  • Payment of Refunds

A letter of request by the student concerned is received with the appropriate approval for the refund or payment.

The student’s teller is verified and a payment voucher is raised and signed by the Head of Unit before being sent to the Internal Audit Unit for pre-payment audit.

The audited e-payment voucher is sent to the Cash Office for e-payment.

(d) Students’ Final Clearance

  • Check the student ledgers to ensure full payment,
  • Sign and stamp clearance form if not indebted to the University, otherwise, do not clear.