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Interactive Session with FUTO Students and the VC to Mark his 2nd Year Anniversary



The Vice-Chancellor at exactly 2.39pm walked into the hall of Excellence with Principal Officers and other members of the management team and was received by everyone in the hall with a standing ovation.  A short prayer was said by a student in the person of Onyegbuchulam Doris and after that, the National Anthem was sung.

INTRODUCTION: the University PRO Mrs Uche Bright-Nwelue did a brief introduction.  All the Principal Officers were present including the wife of the Vice-Chancellor Mrs Egejuru Eze, who is also the President of FUTO women Association and the Managing Director FUTO farms ltd. Members of the 11th Governing Council, Deans, Directors, Heads of Department/Unit were also introduced and they all were present.

The Students Union PRO Mr Humble Nelson introduced members of the Students Union Government and Students Representative Council and also welcomed every student present.

PRESENTATION OF THE KOLA-NUT: The Vice Chancellor presented the kola-nut and a student by name Nwakali Ugorji Chigozirim a 300 level student of Information Management Technology prayed and blessed the kola nut.

SPEECH BY THE VICE-CHANCELLOR: The VC started his speech by welcoming and recognizing especially the Principal Officers, members of the management team, Deans, Directors, HOD/Units, students and members of the staff that were present. In his speech, the VC said that since his administration started two years ago, that things have not been easy financially following the economic situation of the country and that has made him be very prudent in the way he spends money and award contracts. He advised the students to make proper use of their time in studying very hard so as to graduate with a good grade. Also, he advised them to shun examination malpractice and other social vices that will land them in trouble in the course of their studies. Furthermore, he talked about online registration that it has been helping the school in checkmating the school fees payment and asked any student that has not paid his/her school fees to do so now that the portal is on. The Vice-Chancellor added that the school is improving in the areas of academics and that his administration has procured electronic smart board for all departments and schools for e-learning while internet distribution of optical fibre has been completed and when fully energized, will give internet services anywhere on the campus.  He said a new school will be established which is Information and Communication Technology to make students very versatile their academics and also be in line with the current trend in IT.

SECURITY: The Vice-Chancellor said that due to encroachment from the host community, the management has gone to extra miles in providing adequate security by doing a perimeter fencing around the school which is taking a lot of money and that because of the complexity and porosity of the school more money is been spent on security. He went further to say that the host communities are making things difficult for his administration by not allowing projects like a Nuclear Energy Project that was meant to be sited in FUTO not to stay by chasing the workers away.  He however on a sad note said that he has been receiving a negative report about Man O war members that brutalize students anyhow and warned them seriously to desist from such act or face the consequences from such actions on further report against them. He also advised students to stop destroying school properties like lecture seats and other things and also try in keeping the environment clean.

STUDENTS WELFARE: On student’s welfare, the Vice-Chancellor told the students that he is ready to listen to them and they should be making proper use of his twitter handle for proper interaction and communication with him. He expressed dissatisfaction about that saying that students are not coming up on that aspect.  He said that Electronic ID card will be introduced very soon before the second-semester examination comes up so as to curtail examination malpractice. He said his administration is making plans on improving the student’s hostel as soon as the fund is available.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, he thanked members of his management, staff and students and promised to make his tenure comfortable for all.

RESPONSE: In response to the Vice Chancellors speech, the Students Union President, Mr Humble Nelson thanked the Vice Chancellor immensely for his fatherly love and care to the entire students. He highlighted some of the VCs achievement ranging from security, introducing campus shuttle, improving on the Health Care by renovating School Health Services and Pharmaceutical unit, installation of street light and many others.  Thereafter that the SUG gave an award of excellence to the Vice Chancellor and asked him to continue with the goods works that he is doing for the University Community.

REACTIONS FROM STUDENTS: A 300 level IMT student by name Nwakali Ugorji thanked the Vice Chancellor and spoke about examination malpractice. He pleaded with the VC to ask the examination misconduct panel to be making proper investigations and findings on any student caught. He said that there are cases where students are innocent but are punished wrongly for an offence they know nothing about. The second person Miss Chioma pleaded with the VC to come to their aid saying that the toilet facilities in the hostels are in bad condition. The third person, Miss Chidinma talked on the SUG ID card as well as public address system in the classroom. The fourth person that spoke Mr Paschal pleaded with VC that the learning condition of the Hall of Mercy is deplorable and needs urgent attention.

VOTE OF THANKS: Vote of thanks was done by the speaker house of parliament, Hon. Frank Samuel Chigoziem. He urged his fellow students to worthy students and shun social vices. Lastly, he thanked the Vice Chancellor and members of his management team.

CLOSING PRAYER: the closing prayer was said by my Mr Emeka Aneke.

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The 25th FUTO General Assembly Held at the Hall of Excellence

Federal University of Technology Owerri, 25th General Assembly

The State of the University Address was given by the 7th Substantive Vice-Chancellor in the occasion of his 2nd Year Anniversary held at the Hall of Excellence.

There he welcomes all that honoured the event and outlined all his achievements in the year under review as listed below:

Academic Activities and collaborations

  1. Examination misconduct by students are now being given prompt attention as such allegations are timely dispensed and defaulting students sanctioned appropriately.
  2. Over ten conferences/workshops held in the University for the period under review and they are:
    • 2nd International Congress on Health Science and Technology {August 9-12, 2017}
    • One Workshop on Achieving Excellence in Research Publications in Index Journals by the Centre for Research and International Development (August 1, 2017)
    • One Month Intensive Practical Workshop on Statistical Analysis by the University Computer Centre (July 10, 2017 – August 17, 2017)
    • etc.
  3. Similarly, two Professors delivered the 31st and 32nd Inaugural Lectures of the University on March 29, 2017, and April 26, 2017, respectively.

Accreditation of Academic Programmes

The result of the 2017 NUC Accreditation exercise saw all the 8 programmes visited attaining full accreditation status, namely – Maritime Management Technology, Information Management Technology, Forestry and Wildlife Technology, Urban and Regional Planning, Quantity Surveying, Biomedical Technology, Dental Technology and finally Prosthesis and Orthotics.

36th Matriculation Ceremony

On Friday, February 24, 2018 a total of 5,223 students were formally inducted as students of the University.

30th Convocation Ceremony

From Tuesday, April 3, 2018 to Saturday, April 7, 2018, a total of 2,763 graduants were awarded degrees and higher degrees among them were thirty six (36) first class graduantes, forty six(46) PhDs and three Honourary degree were also awarded.

Academic Collaborations

FUTO has established some academic linkages for exchange programmes, research and academic collaboration and has signed five MoUs with the following Chinese Institutions and Universities:

  1. Institute of Metal Research, Shenyang, China;
  2. Shenyang Technological University, Shenyang, China;
  3. Northeastern University, Shenyang, China;
  4. University of Chemical Technology, Shenyang China;
  5. Himin Solar Co. Ltd/International Microemissions University;
  6. Southwest University of Science and Technology

Administrative Matters

The first ever Code of Ethics for Staff and Students is awaiting Council’s approval and would help shape the ethical conduct of the University community.

Furthermore, in order to deepen our internal mechanism for better performance, we constituted the following committees:

  • The Design Review Committee
  • Project Monitoring Committee
  • The ICTC Management Board
  • The Open Educational Resources (OER) Project Implementation Committee
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Security Advisory Committee

Some departments have moved to newly completed buildings like Microbiology Department, Forestry & Wildlife Technology etc.

Professor J. N. Okeudo was appointed the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics and Mrs Helen O Onuoha took over as the Bursar on the March 16, 2018 and April 2, 2018 respectively.

Information & Communication Technology

The University website has been upgraded, remolded and updated with more current information and in attestation to that the Nigeria Internet Registration Agency (NIRA) nominated FUTO website as one of the best website amongst Nigerian Universities.  The University will receive this award on July 6, 2018.

Secondly the University Portal for registration of courses has been running effectively.

Thirdly, the problem associated with issuance of registration numbers to both new and old students has been resolved.

Fourthly, the internet distribution throughout the campus via optical fibre has been completed and it is being run on MTN STM – 1 backbone which is about 155MBPS bandwidth.

Staff Promotions

A total of 108 Academic Staff have been promoted in 2015/2016 session and a total of 164 in 2016/2017 session.

A total of 254 Non-Academic Staff promoted in 2015/2016 session while a total of 528 promoted in 2016/2017 session.

Junior Non-Teaching Staff Promotions by Cadre in the year 2015/2016 is 101 while 104 staff in 2016/2017.

In Conclusion

The Vice-Chancellor reminded all that was present how possible the dream of making FUTO an epicentre of excellence in teaching, research and service delivery.  The closing prayer for the 25th General Assembly came from the Vice-Chancellor Administration.

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Press Briefing by the FUTO Vice-Chancellor on his 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration




The occasion was declared open by the University PRO, Mrs Uche Bright-Nwelue and at exactly 12.30 pm the Vice Chancellor with his team came in and was given a standing ovation. A short prayer was said by the Dean, School of Health Technology, Rev. Sis. Prof. Evangeline Oparaocha. After that, the National Anthem was sung. Members of the Press were: Punch Newspapers, The Trumpeters, Galaxy TV, Christian Voice and others.

The University PRO Mrs Uche Bright-Nwelue welcomed everyone and craved their indulgence to be attentive to hear the VC’s address.

In attendance were the Principal Officers: The Vice Chancellor Prof. F.C Eze, his wife, Dr. ( Egejuru Eze. The DVC (Academics) Prof. N.J Okeudo. DVC (Administration) Prof. I. C Ndukwe. The Registrar, Chief John U. Nnabuihe.The Bursar, Mrs Helen Onuoha. The Librarian, Mrs Chinwe Anunobi. Members of the 11th Governing Council, Head of Units, Head of Departments, Directors and School Admission Officers.

The members of the press introduced themselves and the next item was the presentation of kola-nut.

The Vice-Chancellor read his address and highlighted some of his achievements. He said that since he came into office with the mantra “driving the culture of excellence” on Monday, June 20th, 2016, that his administration has recorded many achievements as follows:

  1. Academic activities, Accreditations and Collaboration: the university has ensured careful discharge of their mandate in areas of core competence with renewed vigour and commitment. Paying attention to the provision of teaching and learning facilities as well as the creation of a stable academic environment for effective academic activities, the conduct of workshop and laboratory practical’s and research. Examinations are administered with the best ethical standards while timely marking, grading and release of results have been given due attention. Matriculation and Convocation have been held regularly at appropriate times. Inaugural lectures, public lectures, academic workshops, conferences and seminars are regularly held at various times in the University.
  2. All the 45 academic programmes of the University have received NUC endorsement. 41 programs have full accreditation status, 2 programmes have interim status while 2 new programs are awaiting resource verification. He further said that FUTO through linkages, advancement and collaboration with both local and International Institutions has signed MOUs with different Institutions and Universities for an exchange program, research and academic collaboration.
  3. In order to keep pace with the advancement in information and Communication Technology, his administration has deployed massive ICT infrastructure to enhance teaching and learning as well as the improvement day to day running of the University. 50 interactive smart boards have been acquired for all departments and Schools in the University e-learning while an internet distribution throughout the campus via the installation of an optical fibre has been completed and it is running on MTN STM – 1 backbone which is about 155MBPS bandwidth which will give efficient internet services anywhere on campus when fully energized.
  4. The University Website and the University Portal for registration of courses and payment of fees have received commendations for their unique features.
  5. The Nigeria Internet Registration Agency (NIRA) has nominated FUTO website as the best website amongst Nigerian Universities’ websites and the award will be conferred on July 6, 2018.
  6. Other Infrastructural development embarked upon include:
    • Completion of the Architectural Studio Building Phase III
    • Completion of School of Science Workshop/Laboratory building & Furnishing
    • Construction of the 1km access road
    • Construction and furnishing of School of Science Complex (Phase I)
    • Perimeter fencing of Senate Building using special South African Wire Mesh
    • Provision of electric street light on campus
    • Erosion Control at the Roundabout near Senate building
    • Rehabilitation and furnishing of the Health Services Building
    • Rehabilitation of Road 3(LOT 1)

Other on-going Projects include:

  • Construction of Academic Offices Building
  • Construction of 1.2km Internal road after NDDC hostel
  • Rehabilitation & Asphalt overlay of 1.72km internal roads including the construction of reinforced concrete drains
  • Rehabilitation of the School of Environmental Technology Building (on-going)
  • Construction and furnishing of Central Laboratory Complex
  • Construction and furnishing of Materials Research Laboratory building

7.  FUTO Farms Limited has cultivated over 30 hectares of cassava farm, 10 hectares of pineapple farm, 10 hectares of plantain farm, 4 hectares of orange farm, 2 hectares of paw-paw farm, 3 hectares of oil palm seedlings and 7 hectares of raffia palm seedlings plantation also would soon open its mini shop beside the Department of Dental Technology for sale of produce from the farm.

In conclusion, the Vice Chancellor thanked everyone that came for the press briefing and especially thanked the Director, Office of the University Development Prof.(Mrs) K.B Oyoh for the good work she has been doing in keeping the University environment clean. He urged other Heads of Departments, Units and Directors to be up and doing and be a patriotic staff.

VOTE OF THANKS: The vote of thanks was done by the correspondent Chapel who also commended the VC saying that the reward for every good work is more work that he should not relent in taking FUTO to a greater height.

The closing prayer was said by Mr Emeka Ihiegbulam of Punch Newspapers.

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