Central Instruments/Equipment Centre

Functions of the Centre

Functions of the Centre

CIEC is envisioned to be a place for laboratory equipment maintenance, and training for capacity building in the use, operation, and fixing of instruments/equipment and for development of instruments/equipment from the conceptual stage.

The specific functions of the Centre are to:

  1. Repair/refurbish/carry out maintenance of faulty laboratory equipment to restore the functionality of such equipment/instruments for teaching/practicals and research in the academic departments, institutes and centres.
  2. Adapt instrument/equipment with necessary modifications to suit our local environment.
  3. Develop new instruments/equipment from conception to design, fabrication and testing for laboratory/field use in FUTO and eventual marketing after patenting.
  4. Organise periodic in-house training workshop for technical staff (technicians, technologists, engineers and researchers/academics on the use, operation and maintenance of specific laboratory instruments/equipment for teaching/practicals and research works.
  5. Organise training workshop open to external organisations institutions/universities for capacity building of technical staff in the use, operation and maintenance of specific laboratory/field equipment for practicals and research in science/engineering and technology disciplines.
  6. Participate in the procurement and installation of laboratory equipment in the University to avoid possible short-changing of the University by contractors/suppliers and so, control cases of non-functionality or abandonment of laboratory or workshop equipment due to inadequate parts or incomplete accessories.

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