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The establishment of the University of Technology in Nigeria was a deliberate effort by the Federal Government to satisfy the widespread yearnings of Nigerians to turn out University graduates that possess in-depth practical bent necessary for self-employment on graduation. The aim of this practice is to equip graduates of Universities of Technology with sufficient and relevant practical skills needed for self-development. It is for the above reasons that the Centre for Industrial Studies was established in FUTO to help produce students as “finished products” having the ability to be self-reliant.

This Centre is the central hub for all students and staff for skill training which range from basic workshop practices to more advanced students/staff projects, postgraduate research and final year students’ projects. In accordance with its establishing mandate, the CIS also renders and provides consultancies to individuals, and corporate bodies, small and medium enterprises outside FUTO.

The Centre has the capacity to produce in commercial quantities different tools and devices for revenue generation.


Centre for Industrial Studies was created in the year 1986, under the leadership of Prof. V. O. Nwoko. He was the first to run the affairs of the center followed by the under-listed past directors.

Records of Past Directors and the Years Served

Sections and their Heads


Umah A. Kalu

Head of Electrical Section

Okele Donatus C.

Head of Foundry Section


Martin O. Anyanwu

Head of Machine Section


John N. Emeana

Head of Metal Fittings Section

Abiakam Raymond

Head of Welding and Fabrication Section


Eke Emmanuel

Head of Store Section


Onyemetu Christopher

Head of Woodwork Section

Facilities at the Center

Facilities at the Electrical Section

Facilities at the Foundry Section

Facilities at the Machine Section

Facilities at the Metal Fitting Section

Facilities at the Welding and Fabrication Section

Facilities at the Woodwork Section

Facilities at the Store Section


Engr. Prof. G. I. Nwandikom

Director, Center for Industrial Studies
Email: dir.cis@futo.edu.ng
Office Phone Numbers: 08034990046, 08037508340