Centre for Industrial Studies

Machine Shop Section

Responsibilities of the Section

  • To instruct students on ENG 101 and 102 practical, On the use of machine and Hand tools.
  • To provide gear parts of machine tools on demand.
  • To assist final year students on their project works.
  • To instruct and assist the students in Industrial Training programme in the workshop.
  • Servicing of machine tools and Equipment if consulted.

The following activities are undertaking in the machine shop:

  1. Training of students on the use of Engineering production machines, such as lathe, shaping, drilling, grinding and milling machines
  2. Machining of shafts/spindles
  3. Cutting of keyways both external and internal
  4. Knurl surfaces production
  5. Boring of holes
  6. Drilling of holes
  7. Production of bevel and spur gears
  8. Cutting of internal and external threads.
  9. Milling of flat surfaces
  10. Angular milling
  11. Cutting of pulleys.
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