Prof. Ngozi Chidinma Ihediohanma


B.Sc. (UNN), M.Sc. (Ile-Ife), PhD (FUTO) PGDE (IMSU)


Academic Qualification

  • BSc. Food Science and Technology
  • MSc Food Science and Technology
  • PhD in Food Science and Technology
  • PGDE

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member, Nigeria Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST)
  • Member, Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) 
  • Member, Organization of Women in Science in Developing World (OWSD) 
  • Member, Teachers Registration Council Nigeria (TRCN)
  • Member Renewable Energy Society of Nigeria (RESN) 

Courses assigned to teach


  • FST 405 – Fruit and Vegetable processing 
  • FST 202 — Introduction to Food Chemistry 
  • FST 309 -Advanced Food Chemistry 
  • FST 536 – Food and Nutrition Biochemistry
  • FST 308- Human Nutrition 
  • FST 208- Food Chemistry I
  • FST 307- Food Chemistry Il
  • FST 513- Oil Seed Processing and Utilization 
  • FST 600-Project         


  • FCN 802- Biochemistry and Physiology of Human Nutrition 
  • FCN 806 – Food Policy, Security and Safety
  • FST 903 – Sensory Evaluation in Foods 
  • FPT 805 – Milk and Dairy Technology 
  • FST  603 – Community and International Nutrition Il 
  • FCN 801- Food Safety and Toxicology 
  • FST 800 – M sc. Project 
  • FST 900 – PhD. Project


  • 1983 –  1984 (NYSC)
    • NYSC as Travelling Secretary in charge of Secondary School groups in Benin under The Students Christian Movement of Nigeria
  • 1987-1989 (Lecturer 11)
    • Department of Food Services and Nutrition, Michael Okpara College of Agriculture, Umuagwo, Imo State
  • 1989-1990 (Lecturer 11) on transfer to Department of Home Economics, Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri
  • 1991-1995 (Lecturer 1)
    • Department of Home Economics, Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri
  • 1995-1999 (Senior Lecturer)
    • Department of Home Economics, Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri
  • 1999-2005 (Principal Lecturer)
    • Department of Home Economics, Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri
  • 2004-2005 (Head of Department)
    • Head, Department of Home Economics, Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri
  • 2005-2011 (Senior Lecturer)
    • Senior lecturer, Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri
  • 2011-2014 (Reader)
    • Reader, Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri
  • 2014-Date (Professor)
    • Professor of Food Science and Technology Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri
  • 2018-2019 (Head of Department)
    • Head, Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri

Research Interest

  • Food Chemistry and Nutrition
  • Food Analysis/Quality Control
  • Industrial and Regulation of Foods and Food Products
  • Community Nutrition/Nutrition Education
  • Food Processing and Nutrition Evaluation


  • Evaluation of Chemical nutritional and functional properties of some Nigerian Staple foods
  • Studies on Glycemic indices of Nigerian staple foods and effects of different processing methods on them
  • Production and processing of low Glycemic Foods from various staple foods (e.g. Cassava, cocoyam etc) as a value addition
  • Evaluation of effects of process handling on quality of oils in fried foods.


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