Engr. Dr Nnaemeka P. Ohia

Senior Lecturer

PhD in Petroleum Engineering; M.Eng. in Petroleum Engineering; B.Eng. in Petroleum Engineering


Engr. Dr Nnaemeka Princewill Ohia, is a Senior Lecturer (Senior Lecturer A05, CONUASS II 5 step 1) in the Department of Petroleum Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He joined the department since the 1st of March 2005 as an experienced hire on lecturer II position. Since then, Dr Ohia has progressed steadily to his current position as a Senior Lecturer in the department.

He obtained his Doctorate degree in July 2012 in Petroleum Engineering from FUTO under the supervision of Prof Obah (Principal Supervisor), Prof Godwin Chukwu and Late Dr Aguta as co-supervisors. He had previously received his M.Eng. Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, Choba. Attached herewith are all his academic certificates and professional training certificates in this appraisal package.

Dr Ohia has also gained valuable “hands-on” industry experience over the years working and consulting with local and international companies such as Shell, Total, Tecon Oil, Chevron, Ghana Petroleum Production Company (GNPC), Saltpond-Ghana, Eni Congo etc. (find evidence as attached in appraisal package).

Dr Ohia is currently a pioneer faculty member of ACEFUELS (African Center of Excellence in Future Energies & Electrochemical Systems) in FUTO – A World Bank-sponsored Post Graduate program. He is also a member of the Information and Communication Committee for ACEFUELS – FUTO. In Dec. 2017, Dr Ohia led the design and development of an online (E-learning) system to enhance student’s learning experience which is currently on a pilot test in the department of Petroleum Engineering and School of Environmental Studies (SOES), FUTO. This online learning platform is designed to be interactive, self-paced and flexible, providing opportunities to improve learners’ performance/experience not only in FUTO, but the Nigerian Industry and Academia.

Finally, Dr Ohia has built a wonderful working relationship over the years with his superiors, colleagues and staff of the University, while maintaining a high quality of work and organizational vision.

Academic Qualification

  • PhD in Petroleum Engineering, F.U.T.O
  • M.Eng. in Petroleum Engineering, F.U.T.O
  • B.Eng in Petroleum Engineering 


  • HSE Rig Team of the month – Feb., 2004


  • MSPE
  • MNSE

Courses Assigned to Teach

  • PET 301 (Drilling Technology) 
  • PET 401 (Drilling Technology II) 
  • PET 407 (Well logging)
  • PET 816 (Offshore Drilling) 
  • PET 807 (Artificial Lift) 

Federal University of Technology, Owerri. (FUTO)

Senior Lecturer (SP No. 3479; 118-C & 1961)

March 2005-Present

Job Description:

Teach undergraduate & postgraduate courses in Process Technology, Reservoir Engineering, Formation Evaluation, Petroleum Production Engineering, Advanced Well Technology, Advanced Artificial Lift Technology and Computer Application to Petroleum Engineering.

Supervise and assess senior year undergraduate & postgraduate projects every session (an average of 10 each session).

Provide instructions in the use of software including Mat lab, Excel, Visual Basic, Python and FORTRAN.

Co-ordinate, facilitate & organize engineering courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and industry courses via OYLex© (an online learning management system – eLMS).

Advising/Mentoring of undergraduate and postgraduate students in academic and career matters. Departmental Exam co-ordination & assistance.

Undergraduate & postgraduate course work assessment and grading.

Various innovative research work on optimization in marginal/mature fields operations in the Niger Delta.



Hydraulic Solutions (HYSOL) Energy Limited, Port Harcourt.

Technical Executive Director (TED)


January 2005-Present


HYSOL Executive Summary:

Hydraulic Solutions Energy Limited (RC. 1,323,864) is Oil and Gas Service Company committed to providing high quality, technically sound and cost-effective solutions engineered to meet customers specific needs. Our service delivery is top notch and span across Hydraulic systems, Hoses and Fittings; Well design and Execution; Well completion, Work-over, Abandonment, Side-tracks and Recompletion; Well services and Interventions.

Highly resourced indigenous Nigerian company with the portfolio of a team of highly skilled Oil and Gas professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years that cuts across Hydraulic systems, Well design and Execution, Completion, Well Intervention and Abandonment. Our combined experience in the Oil and Gas Industry goes beyond international boundaries ranging from Nigeria to the Middle East, South East Asia and the Americas.

With Technical partners in Asia, Middle East and America, our key business drivers are innovation, Fit-for-Purpose, cost-effectiveness and value-added services that increase the efficiency of your Hydraulic systems or the productivity of your wells as the case may be.

Our business landscape spans across E&P companies including marginal fields and major operators, oil and gas service companies, construction and marine industries.

Having recently rebranded and repositioned, HYSOL ENERGY can execute projects as standalone in any of the service areas mentioned above or as integrated/turn-key project with work scope covering de-completion, abandonment, side-track and completion for marginal fields and major E&P operators. Our Hydraulic services can replace worn out hoses and fittings as per client’s specifications or re-hose entire hydraulic unit/equipment.



Shell Petroleum Development Company, (SPDC) Port Harcourt

Completions & Well Intervention (CWI) Specialist


February 2007 – July 2012


Job Description:

Supervision of well completion and testing operations in line with SPDC’s quality well delivery process (QWDP) which is focused on strong cost and HSE management targets.

Driving the implementation of HSE/QA-QC standards to critical completion and well testing operations in oil and gas wells.

Developing (in conjunction with the Production Technology Group) specifications for a standard SPDC completion and well testing programme.

Involved in developing high-level strategies for the effective implementation of technical limit concepts regarding well completions.

Managing critical technical interfaces with well services, integrated completion contractors and well delivery teams regarding well completions issues.

Providing specialist advice regarding down-hole completion tools/accessories and integrity during the conceptual well design stage.

Timely planning, specification, standardization and costing of completion materials programme to aid effective forecasting and stock management.

Assurance and control of the quality of critical third party completion equipment and materials for all SPDC oil and gas wells for land, swamp and offshore operations.



Chevron Nigeria Limited, Lekki, Lagos.                                                        February 2005 -January 2007

Consultant Petroleum Engineer (South Offshore Asset Team-SOAT)

Job Description:

PE interdisciplinary team member is responsible for identifying Non-rig work over (NRWO) opportunities for field development & the preparation of alignment (Phase-1) documents to the Field Supervisors/Area Operations Superintendents etc.

Determination of estimated initial gain for projects using WEM (well Evaluation Model) and project economic indicators using PEEP (Petroleum Engineering Economic Package)

Team Leader/Manager engagements for approval to progress projects to phase 2 & 3.

Generate relevant DPR documentations for the JV technical team to enable the group to pursue DPR approvals.




Tecon Oil Services Limited, Port Harcourt.
Hydraulic workover (HWO) & re-completion specialist

June 2001-January 2005



Job Description:

Pioneering team member for HWO operations in Nigeria and offshore West Africa, introducing technical innovations that reduced operation costs by $250million

Led team implementing the design and execution of well re-entry/re-completion projects involving fishing/milling, cement squeeze, well stimulation, clean-out & testing operations

Supervised the delivery of over 50 wells in workover and re-completion campaigns, over 30 fishing programs, over 40 wellhead operations (flow-line installation  & hook-up, offshore platform installation and decommissioning/abandonment projects, etc.


Key Assignments:






Utumara:  8(T), 18, 4, 7,

20, 22(T), 15, 16, 14, 11


January 2002 to September 2002


Pulling & running tubings with packers, safety valves, flow controls, gas lift valves, etc.

Utorogu 29T & 30T


October 2002 to February 2003


Fishing parted tubing, unloading with nitrogen, downhole cleaning services, washing perforations and acidizing.

Rumuekpe – 04


April to May 2003


Squeeze cement job on lower interval, inflow test of squeezed off interval, CRI well completion, Xmas tree installation, etc.

Elelenwo – 05


May to June 2003


Permanent abandonment, casing retrieval, etc.

Obigbo – 27


June to July 2003


Abandoning a lower interval to complete two intervals above as 2 3/8” single string selective producer with TRSCSSV installed.



July to August 2003


 Recovery of existing tubings (long & short). GLM and SCSSSV installed on new completion strings, sand washing with fluid, chemical cutting, etc.



August to September 2003


Recovery of existing tubings (long & short). Curing of circulation losses with appropriate LCM pill. GLM and SCSSSV installed on new completion string.

Oben-5, 16, 15, 24, 21


Sept. 2003 to Feb. 2004


Equipped wells with SCSSV and top packer in accordance with shell’s well integrity management policy.

Egbema-1, 2, 9 &11

Jones creek 33, 5 & 18





Samabri 7, 4 & 5


Saltpond 2, 4, 5





Excel (E&P)




GNPC, Ghana

March 2004 to January 2006










Installed ‘SB’ plugin model ‘D’ packer, squeeze cement job on D1.0 interval, bit & scrapper run, drilling pass cement plug, inflow test of squeezed off interval, window milling, sidetracking, re-perforation of D3.2 interval, Setting of FBGP-1 sump packer, 4 ½” ESS installation, well completion & testing, etc.

ESP change-out, acid stimulation, wellbore clean up and unloading with nitrogen.






Pan African Energy Services International, Port Harcourt
Sales/Services Engineer

November 1997– May 2001





Job Description:

Co-ordinated tubing running, high-pressure gas (helium-nitrogen) & hydrostatic testing of completion systems/accessories, tools joints and wellheads/Xmas trees for oil & gas wells

Ensured  effective equipment selection & calibration, crew management and customer/client satisfaction

Responsible for the sales/supply/installation of hydraulic systems, parts and accessories worth over $20million

Organized and facilitated technical/training sessions, action review workshops, products/services presentation etc.


Major clients: Mobil, Texaco, Pan Ocean, Halliburton, BJ Services, Schlumberger, Tecon etc.




Altima Digital Systems Limited, Port Harcourt
Data Management/Log Analyst

November 1996 – October 1997



Job Description:

Analyzed/interpreted well logs using petrophysical analysis software (LAS)

Edited scaled logs by digitizing analogue (paper print) logs; splicing, depth-matching, baseline shifting, checking and plotting log data using petrocomp©

Composing of log data in magnetic tapes using ASCII, Schlumberger LIS or Western Atlas BIT formats


Major clients: Shell, Ciscon, Sowsco, Oilscan, Oildata, etc.




Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited, Port Harcourt
Associate Reservoir Engineer (NYSC)

                                     September 1995 – October 1996



Job Description:

Performed well pressure transient analysis for Afia, Edikan and Ime wells (OML 100) with a view to estimating skin effect using BHP survey results

Participated in the design of, material balance/water influx models for Afia reservoirs

Carried out-static reserves estimation for Otuo levels 1, 2, 3, 4.







March 2012

Frontline leadership program (FLLP), Edjeba Learning Village, (EVL) Warri.

October 2011

Valid Well-control certification-supervisor’s level (IWCF, Aberdeen, UK)

November 2010

Subsurface Integration Course, Edjeba Learning Village (EVL), Warri.

December 2009

Completion & Well Intervention Round-2 Certification (SOU, Rijswijk, The Netherlands)

September 2008

Completion & Well Intervention Round-1 Certification (SOU, Rijswijk, The Netherlands)

June 2008

Well Fluid Design (SOU, Rijswijk, The Netherlands).

May 2005

Drilling/Fishing jar maintenance and placement (Ken-jer Inc. facility, Humble – Texas, USA)

May 2005

Casing fill-up tool running and maintenance (Draw-works Inc. facility, Boling –Texas, USA)

February 2004

HSE – Rig team of the month (Shell Pet. Dev. Co, Nig.)

August 2003

0.9 million naira team performance bonus (Shell Pet. Dev. Co. Nig.)

March 2003

Fire fighting training/course (Shell Pet. Dev. Co. Nig.)

January 2003

Safety management course (Shell Pet. Dev. Co. Nig.)

April 2000

Petroleum economics for managers and engineers (SPE International)

August 1997

Fundamentals of UNIX operating system (Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited)


Research Interest

Drilling fluid; Production optimization; Flow Assurance and Well Intervention.


List of Publications

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