Dr Kelechukwu B. Okeoma

Dr Kelechukwu Bierechi Okeoma


BSc (Unijos), MSc (Uniport), PhD (Uniport)
Email: kelechukwu.okeoma@futo.edu.ng


Kelechukwu B. Okeoma hails from Umuada Ngodo Isuochi, Umunneochi LGA Abia State.

Married with children. A Christian, active in Men’s fellowship.


Academic Qualification

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) 1987
  • Master of Science ( MSc) 1997
  • Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD) 2012.

Membership of Professional bodies

Member Physics writers creation, NACE, NIP

Courses Assigned to Teach

PHY 101, PHY 102, PHY 201, PHY 204, PHY 301, PHY 304, PHY 413, PHY 531, PHY 532,

currently teaching the following: PHY 101, PHY413, PHY531, PHY 815



Work Experience

  • Worked with Adamawa State Polytechnic 1988- 2002
  • Worked with Fourah Bay College 1991- 2001
  • Currently working in FUTO 2002 to date

Research Interest

The investigative studies of inhibitive effects of magnetic fields on some metals and their alloys exposed to aqueous media. Investigations of corrosion properties of some biomaterial used in implants. The study and utilization of some local materials as substitutes for foreign products and fabrications of alloys.


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