Mr Kenneth C. Ugochukwu

Mr Kenneth Chibueze Ugochukwu

Lecturer II


B. Tech. (Physics), M. Sc. (Nanoscience), M. Sc. (Nanotechnology)


Kenneth Chibueze Ugochukwu is a lecturer in the Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Owerri, Nigeria. He received his B. Tech (Hons) in Physics from FUTO, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. He also has M. Sc (Eng) in Nanoscience from Catholic University of Leuven (KU-Leuven), Leuven, Belgium and M. Sc. (Eng) in Nanotechnology from the Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ugochukwu’s research interests span areas of physics, materials science and engineering, nanotechnology, nanoscience, nanomedicine, medical engineering, novel cancer therapies, biopolymer physics, magnetic materials and thin films. He is principally concerned with materials design, biocompatibility, materials durability and novel materials for application in sensors and actuators, shape memory alloys, and functional materials for targeted therapies and diagnosis. Such areas of research involve a wide spectrum of functional and advanced materials syntheses, characterisation, biocompatibility engineering and nanofabrication. His research outputs are communicated through numerous peer-reviewed journals.