Prof. (Mrs.) Comfort Onyemaechi Chukuezi

Prof. (Mrs.) Comfort Onyemaechi Chukuezi




  • PhD (Industrial Sociology)    University of Port Harcourt  –  1998
  • MSc (Sociology of Development) University of Port Harcourt  –  1989
  • BA (Hons) Sociology University of London, Goldsmiths College  –  1984


  • Member New YorkAcademy of Sciences;
  • Member of Nigeria Rural Sociological Association;
  • Member Nigerian Anthropological and Sociological Association
  • Member Environmental Protection Society of Nigeria.
  • Member International Aids Society



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  • PROFESSOR:  Federal University of Technology    –   2010–To Date
  • READER (ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR):  Fed. University of Technology   –  2007-2009
  • SENIOR LECTURER:   Federal University of Technology, Owerri    –  2000–2007
  • LECTURER:   Federal University of Technology, Owerri   –  1990-1999

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