Dr. (Mrs.) Louisa N. Amaechi

Dr. (Mrs.) Louisa N. Amaechi

Senior Lecturer

Federal University of Technology Owerri


PhD Political Science (International Relations) 2013,  –  University Of Nigeria Nsukka.

PhD. Theology (Divinity) 2009,  –  All Saints Theology Aba

M.Sc Political Science (International Relations) 1995  –  University of Nigeria Nsukka

B.Sc Ed/Political Science 1991,  –  University of Nigeria Nsukka


Area of specialization/Research interest:

International Relations, Conflict Management and Religious Matters.


Membership of Professional Body

Minnesota Christian Religious Association the USA

Nigerian Political Science Association


Work Experience

Lecturing from 1995 Till Date




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  1. The use of Multiple Choice Questions in Nigerian Universities and the Students’ Academic Performances. (29/6/2010)
  2. Erratic Power Supply and its Socio-Economic IMPLICATIONS in Nigeria.
  3. Religious Crisis in Nigeria and its effects on the Economic Development of the Nation August 2016. (26/8/2016|)
  4. The Role of Churches in the Face of Nigeria Politics, May 2011. (15/5/2011)
  5. Poor reading culture and its effects in Nigeria Universities.
  6. Steady power supply; A Penceaces for Rapid Economic Development.
  7. Divorce and its socio-economic implications in Nigeria Christian (16/6/2016)
  8. The Current Challenges of the Nigerian Civil Servants and its Socio-Economic Implications. (23/5/2017).
  9. Pension Matters and its effect on the life sperm of the pensioners.
  10. The fallen standard  of education  and its  societal implication in Nigeria (3/11/2016)


  • Amaechi, L.N. (2015) entrepreneurship and employment Generation in Nigerian contemporary society.
  • A paper presented at Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo National Conference on entrepreneurship, Technical education and sustainable Development, Nov. 3rd-6th 2015.
  • Amaechi LN (2015) Leadership and National Development; The Nigerian perspective, A paper presented at the international conference on the Goals of Arts social science and Technology on 13th -16th Sept. 2015, Directorate of General studies FUTO.
  • Amaechi LN (2015) entrepreneurship and youth development in Nigeria; A paper presented at the international conference on the Goals of Arts Social Science and Technology, Directorate of General Studies FUTO on 13th -16th Sept. 2015.
  • Ezirim Gerald and Amaechi Louisa, N. (2016). Biometric Voting and 2015 General Elections, progress, politics and Pitfalls: A paper presented and the 4th Annual conference of the Nigerian political science association, south-east zone, held at the Imo State University Owerri October 2016.
  • Nigerian Turkish Nile University International Conference on Social Science and law 7th -8th May 2015 Abuja Nigeria.

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