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You are welcome to the Directorate of General Studies, FUTO. The General Studies Programme is a programme of studies that exposes students to different fields of learning without sacrificing academic specialization. On this site, you will find information about our staff, our responsibilities and our goals. You are welcome.


To transform the Federal University of Technology, Owerri into the best University of Technology in Nigeria and Africa through the provision of a unique, innovative, creative and procreative humanities and social sciences components of the university academic curriculum in order to produce highly skilled, self-sustaining and technologically oriented graduates that will provide solutions to the numerous problems of Nigeria and Africa in a globalized world.


To assiduously draw the attention of science and Technology inclined students to the need for social sciences and humanities components in the university academic curriculum through lectures, seminars, symposia and essay competitions. This will make the University to succeed in her efforts to produce highly competent scientists, technologists and technocrats’ worth in character and in learning. To understand that linguistic communication skills and Philosophy are integral parts of science and technology. Furthermore, science and technology are in the service of humanity, the economic, sociological, political and philosophical input to the study since science and technology cannot be trivialized or underrated. The practice of science and technology takes place in the society.


It is the responsibility of the Directorate to ensure that FUTO undergraduates are well equipped in the humanities and social sciences to enable them make meaningful contributions to the development of Nigeria upon graduation.


The Directorate publishes journals, hosts conferences, public lectures and most recently the FUTO Stage craft was approved by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor F. C. Eze.


The Directorate of General Studies is housed in a one-story building and consists of offices for the Director and other staff. The Directorate also has a well-equipped library, a conference room and classrooms.

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Our History

The General Studies Programme in FUTO began with the first intake of students in 1981. Only Use of English was offered to students then. By 1982, a full Programme of English, Philosophy, Economics and Sociology was offered in a unit attached to the School of Management Technology (SMAT). In 1986, the Unit was made autonomous under it’s own Director as envisaged originally in the FUTO master plan. However, in 1987, during Professor Amagh Nduka’s tenure as VC, this status again gave way to that of a unit in SMAT with a Head of Department instead of a Director. It remained so for many years until the 5th substantive Vice Chancellor, Professor C. O. E. Onwuliri returned it to it’s original status of a Directorate headed by a Director with the status of a dean.

From a humble beginning of about three members of staff, the Directorate currently has a total of seventy-five (75) academic staff. This is made up of professors, readers, senior lecturers and a host of other promising junior academics. 

The Directorate of General Studies is comprised of five units, namely:

  • The Use of English Unit,
  • The Philosophy Unit,
  • The Social Sciences Unit,
  • The French Unit
  • The Igbo Unit

These units have their various heads/coordinators.

Dr. Dan-Chima Amadi

Ag. Director, Directorate of General Studies

Ph.D., M.A., B.A (Hons)

Directorate's Email: general.studies@futo.edu.ng

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