Dr. Lilian Chinaenye Emma-Okafor

Dr. Lilian Chinaenye Emma-Okafor

senior lecturer

BSc., MSc., PhD
Email: lilian.emmaokafor@futo.edu.ng


DrLilian chinaenye Emma-Okafor is a lecturer at Federal University of Technology,Owerri Nigeria. . She is currently a senior Lecturer in the Department of Crop science and Technogy. Dr. Emma-Okafor has won several award including: school of vocational studies Award of Best Graduating Student (1992), Her current research is focused on improving production of endiginous fruits and vegetable crops She is also interested in organic agriculture for  conservation of soil .Her works on fruits and vegetables are to solve the problems of food shortage and promote sustainability of the resource base in Nigeria and globally. Dr.Emma- Okafor has authored over 37 publications in the priority areas of horticulture.  Lilian Chinenye Emma-Okaforhails from Ezioha-Amaifeke in Orlu L.G.A. of Imo State, married with five(5) children

Academic Qualification

1 Federal University of Technology, Owerri. (Doctor of Philosophy,  2011)
Ph. D Horticulture

2   Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. (Master Degree,  2004)
M.Sc Agronomy

3 University of Nigeria ,Nsukka.(Bachelor Degree    1995) Bachelor of Science(Agric Ed)

4Alvan Ikoku College of Education ,Owerri( Nigeria Certificate of Education.1998)NCE

5 Girls secondary school Ihioma, Orlu (WASC 1987)


  • Best Graduating student of school of vocational studies Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Imo State


  • Organic Agriture project for Tetiary  institution in Nigeria(OAPTIN)


  •  Horticultural society of  Nigeria (HORTSON)

  • Organization for women in science for the developing world (OWSDW)                                         

  • Agricultural society of Nigeria  (ASN)

Courses Assigned to Teach



Departmental SEWES Coordinatr 2015-2017)


Departmental PG committee member, 2013- 2021 to date



Departmental undergraute Seminar committee member 2020-to date


Academic class advicer 2016 -2021 session

Research Interest

  • horticultural crop production and improvement

  • Organic agricultural production


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