Dr. Leonard Udochi Mgbeahuruike

Dr. Leonard Udochi Mgbeahuruike

lecturer I

BSc., MSc., PhD


My names are Mgbeahuruike Leonard Udochi, a lecturer in the Department of Environmental Management, School of Environmental Sciences, Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO).  I studied Environmental Technology (Pollution Control Option) at undergraduate and graduate (MSc) levels at FUTO, Nigeria and a PhD in Environmental Chemistry at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, a program that was fully sponsored by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TeTFund), Nigeria.

I am a dedicated academic with a strong background in Environmental Chemistry and a specialization in Environmental Remediation, Resource Recovery and Biotechnology. My research contributions have been recognised through publications in reputable journals and conferences attended locally and internationally. Alongside my research, I am an experienced educator, teaching a range of courses related to my expertise. I am proficient in basic computer programming and statistical packages with strong analytical and problem solving abilities. I am a fellow of the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON) and a member of Environmental Society and Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health.

Academic Qualification

  1. PhD in Environmental Chemistry, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (Specialization  In Environmental Remediation and Resource Recovery): 2014-2018


  1. MSc in Environmental Technology, Federal University of Technology Owerri (Specialization in Pollution Control): 2009-2012



  1. Tech in Environmental Technology (Second Class Upper), Federal University of Technology Owerri (Pollution control option): 1998-2003


  1. Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), Community Secondary School Lagwa: 1990-1996


  • Fellow, Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON)-October 27th, 2021



Courses Assigned to Teach


In our contemporary world, emerging environmental issues of concern are beginning to take monumental dimension and this portends serious threat to human health and environment. Such concerns range from climate change, global warming, contaminated sites, flooding, solid waste disposal and other pollution associated problems. These concerns necessitated my teaching in the areas of Fate and Transport of Contaminants, Environmental Modelling, Environmental Monitoring, Waste Management and Reclamation and Environmental Biotechnology in the department of Environmental Management. These arrays of courses have provided the needed experience in providing teaching support to our undergraduate students of various levels. In the course of delivering lectures to my students, I always ensure that a recap of previous topic is reiterated before new topic is introduced to them. Pre-quiz and Post-quiz are also examined to measure their level of understanding in a subject topic. I ensure that my class is more of an interactive session and local examples are cited to drive home the key message and appraise the students’ level of assimilation on that subject matter as well as essentially providing students with learning and research links to useful resource books. The project students especially the graduating and post-graduate students are practically exposed to the rudiments of research, field work, laboratory analysis cum support research development skills that are relevant in their areas of research studies.  These methods of teaching have been replicated throughout my professional progression as a Graduate Assistant, Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer ll and currently Lecturer 1 till date

Research Interest

I am an Environmental Chemist with an interest in problem solving in the areas of environmental remediation and resource recovery. I have specific interest in the modelling and development of novel, sustainable technologies relevant in the remediation and recovery of valuable resource from contaminated sites for the purposes of promoting circular economy and environmental stewardship.


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