Dr. Samuel Chidi Iwuji

Dr. Samuel Chidi Iwuji


[Ph. D, M.Sc., B.Sc., Physiology [UNIPORT]; M.Sc., Pharmacology [UNILAG]; HND, S.L.T [Ibadan]]
Email: samuel.iwuji@futo.edu.ng


Dr. Samuel C. Iwuji is the first son of Pa John O. Iwuji. He hails from Umuokwaraeze village,
Umuakam Ezumoha Isiala Mbano LGA. He is married to Mrs. Ngozi Grace Iwuji since 2005
and blessed with children: Ugonna, Chidinma, Chinemerem, Chimdi and Sochimere.
Dr. Iwuji had his Primary and Secondary education in Owerri, Imo State. He had his
University education in the University of Port Harcourt and the University of Lagos where he
obtained four academic degrees in Human Physiology and Pharmacology. He also has four
relevant professional final diplomas in Public Health, Environmental Health, Science Lab.
Technology (S.L.T) and Biomedical Engineering. He was awarded a Fellow of College of
Biomedical Engineering and Technology of Nigeria.
He was the Associate Dean, SOHT (2019-2021); the 4th HoD, Biomedical Tech. (2017 –
2019); the 1st HOD, Physiology (2016 – 2017) and later (2023 -) in the Federal University of
Technology Owerri with outstanding achievements. He also holds leadership positions in other
local and international organizations. He is also one of the Key Lecturers at the African Centre
of Excellence for Future Fuels and Electrochemical Systems (ACE-FUELS). He is an author /
editor or editorial Board Member of local and international journals of repute. He has
published over fifty scientific articles in journals and many learning materials.
He is Knight of St. John International of the Catholic Church and holds a Chieftaincy title in
his autonomous community. He is a beneficiary of IBR TETFund Research grants.
Dr. Iwuji’s hobbies include integrated community development and animal farming.

Academic Qualification

A.1 Doctorate Ph.D (Human Physiology) June 25, 2014;
A.2 2 Masters Degrees (i.) M.Sc. (Human Physiology) April 23, 2010;
(ii.) M.Sc. (Pharmacology) June, 2003
A.3 Bachelor of Science : B.Sc. (Hons.) (Physiology) Feb., 2001
A.4 Other Relevant Professional Qualifications:
1. Advanced Diploma in B.M.E.T & Fellow (FCBET) (April, 2013)
College of Biomedical Engineering and Technology of Nigeria.
2. Higher National Diploma (HND), Upper Credit
Institute of Science Laboratory Technology, Ibadan, Nigeria. (April, 2002)
3. Diploma for Public Health Superintendents
West African Health Examination Board (WAHEB), Lagos. (Aug., 1992)
4. Licensed Environmental Health Officer (HND equiv.)
Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria


a) Award of 2020/2021 IBR TETFund Research grant.
b) Award of 2006/2007 FUTO Research grant.
c) Award of Fellow (FCBET) by College of Biomed Engineering and Tech of Nigeria. (April, 2013)
d) Award of Excellence – 2018 by School of Health Technology, FUTO.
e) An award of commendation by FUTO’s Biomedical Engineering –2021
f) An award of ‘Echedo Umu Ogbenye’ (carer of the poor) by St Vincent the Paul
International in 2019
g) Award of Honour by the Maria Assumpta Station, St Jude Catholic Parish, Naze, 2019
h) Award of Pillar of Page Group Organization of Nigeria, Isiala Mbano Zone, 2019
i) Award of Patron of Mary League Girls, CKC Parish Ezumoha Isiala Mbano in 2018.
j) Award of Patron by Block Rosary, HTC Parish Umuakali Naze Owerri.
k) Award of Excellence by Nigerian Institute for Biomedical Engineering (NIBE)
Students, FUTO, on November 18, 2009.
l) Award of Recognition by St Anthony’s Parish Osu, Isiala Mbano Imo State, 2014.
m) Award of Honour by Federation of Mbano Students’ Association, Federal
Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria on January 26, 2014.
n) Award of Ambassador of Page Group Organization of Nigeria, Isiala Mbano Zone, Catholic
Diocese of Okigwe.
o) Award of a unique couple by Holy Trinity Catholic Church Naze Owerri.


1. Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN)
2. The Physiological Society: An International Organization
3. Society of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine of Nigeria (STERMN)
4. National Association of Biomedical Engineers And Tech of Nigeria (NABET) Affiliated To
International Federation For Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE)
5. Environmental Health Officers Registration Council Of Nigeria (EHORECON)
6. College of Fellows, College Of Biomedical Engineers And Technologists (Affiliated To
International Federation For Medical And Biological Engineering (IFMBE)
7. Institute of Science Laboratory Technology, Ibadan, Nigeria (NIST) as a student

Courses Assigned to Teach





















SchoolofHealth Technology(SOHT)

FederalUniversityofTechnologyOwerri (FUTO)


2019- 2021


School Exams Officer/Coordinator

School Time table and Exams, SOHT FederalUniversityofTechnologyOwerri.

2019- 2021




School Coordinator





2019- 2021


DepartmentalPG Coordinator

PostGraduateStudies,Departmentof Biomedical Technology (BMT), FUTO.
















DepartmentofBiomedicalTechnology, School of Health Technology, FUTO.






CourseFacilitator (P.T.)


NationalOpenUniversityofNigeria,OwerriStudy Center, Imo State.


2018- 20



DepartmentofBiomedicalTechnology, School of Health Technology, FUTO.


















Senior Lecturer






PostGraduate Coordinator




SpecialProgram Coordinator

NIBE–FUTOspecialcontinuingeducationprogramme for Biomedical Engineers / Technologists.

2012- 2017



Department of Biomedical Technology FederalUniversityofTechnologyOwerri.




Department of Biomedical Technology FederalUniversityOfTechnologyOwerri



CourseLecturer/ Coordinator

For Public Health; Biomedical Technology and Environmental Health programs under the Centre For Continuing Education, FUTO






2005- 2009


Coordinator/Exam Officer




Class Adviser





AssistantLecturer (Tenure)













Research Interest

Biomedical / Physiology and Safety Pharmacology


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Published University teaching materials

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