Engr. Chinedu Reginald Okpara

Engr. Chinedu Reginald Okpara

Lecturer I

B. Eng., M. Eng.
Email: chinedu.okpara@futo.edu.ng


I am a member of NSE and a COREN registered Engineer, married with children.

Academic Qualification

  1. ENG 2012
  2. ENG 2007
  3. ND 2003.





  • CCNA 2008
  • MNSE 2013
  • COREN 2014
  • NEEA 2016
  • NOTAP 2022

Courses Assigned to Teach

  1. COE 514
  2. COE 509
  3. COE 503
  4. COE 405
  5. EEE 306
  6. ENG 214


Lecturing, Research, Class Advisor, Project Supervision, Seminar Supervision, other Specific Assignments by the Head of Department.

Research Interest

  • 5G


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  10. Eze P., Eziokwu T. and Okpara C. (2017), “A Triplicate Smart Contract Model using Blockchain Technology”, Circulation in Computer Science, Special Issues on Disruptive Computing, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Everything (IoE), (June 2017), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.22632/ccs-2017-cps-01

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