Engr. Dr. Okore Okay Okorafor

Engr. Dr. Okore Okay Okorafor

Senior Lecturer

B.Eng., MSc., PhD


Engr. Okore Okay Okorafor joined the services of FUTO 12 years ago as graduate assistant (GA), presently he is a senior lecturer and the head of Department. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering (2007) and Master of Engineering (2013) from FUTO in Soil and Water Engineering while his Ph.D (2017) was done in FUTA in Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering with the sponsorship of TETFUND. He has served the Department in a number of positions of which are Class Adviser (2012-date), Departmental Library Officer (2012-2022), Departmental Welfare Officer (2016-2022) and Departmental Postgraduate Coordinator (2020-2022). He is a member of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE), American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and he is a registered COREN engineer. He has graduated two (2) Masters students with a good number of undergraduates in the field of Agricultural Engineering. His research area covers hydrology and hydraulics, soil erosion management/assessment, flood risk analysis/assessment, water resources engineering/management, environmental sustainability, watershed management, waste/wastewater treatment, waste management, remote sensing and geographical information systems. He has various courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and some of the undergraduate courses are; Irrigation System Design, Drainage Engineering, Seminar presentation, Design of Farm Structures, Watershed Management and Modeling, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Decision Support and Data Systems, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Soil Mechanics/Foundations and Statistical Research for Agricultural Engineering. The post-graduate courses are; Soil Erosion, Transportation and Deposition, Advanced Drainage Engineering and Integrated Watershed Management. He has published local and international journals extensively in the area of soil, water and environmental engineering. He has also presented papers in conferences within the country. His current research direction is geared toward drone development/technology, greenhouse designs and development, expert systems/artificial intelligence and conversion of agricultural wastes. Currently he has also started research in the area of utilization of agricultural wastes (palm kernel shells, periwinkle shell, coconut fiber, bamboo ash, sugarcane bagasse etc.) as replacements in concrete either as pozzolans or as aggregates.

Academic Qualification

B.Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D.





  • R.COREN (R37191)
  • MNSE (32403)
  • MNIAE (M2189)
  • MASABE (M1049229)

Courses Assigned to Teach



Research Interest

  • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.
  • Soil Erosion Management
  • Water Resources and Waste Management
  • Bioresources and Biomass
  • Flood Risk Assessment



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