Department of Environmental Health Science

About us


The philosophy that underpins this programme is training of personnel to the highest academic and professional standards in the identification and management of environmental health and safety issues in order to provide highly skilled manpower, trained specifically for promoting health and preventing illnesses through the application of scientific skills to solving real-life problems and better management of environmental hazards.

The B.Tech Environmental Health Science programme is designed to provide basic theoretical and practical training needed for an understanding of environmental health and safety issues. The focus is an in-depth understanding of the impact of human, industrial and other anthropogenic activities, wastes, etc, on the environment and human health. The graduates of the programme will utilize the basic knowledge acquired for future problem solving, applications and also be able to function as entrepreneurs in public service or private businesses.

Aims/Objectives of the Programme

  1. To produce graduates who can be self-employed by exposing them to technological entrepreneurship and innovation.
  2. To operate practical and result-oriented programme using state-of-the-art technology in Environmental Health Science, and thereby produce graduates with globally recognizable competence.
  3. To produce graduates who will have a passion for advanced studies and research in Environmental Health Science.
  4. To produce manpower who will be gainfully employed in educational institutions, the public service and multinational organizations.
  5. To produce graduates who will become consultants to the government and the private sector in all environment-related issues.

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