Welcome to the Department of Environmental Management and Evaluation

You are welcomed to the department of Estate Management and Valuation, School of Environmental Sciences by a special team of visionary academic and non-teaching staff. We offer B.TCH Degree after a Five Years Programme in Estate Management and Valuation Department. The Department is expected to make an indelible impact in Nigeria economy by producing graduates with special skills and good knowledge on the role of Estate Surveyors and Valuers in the sustainability of economic and environmental values. Our staff quality and well-equipped infrastructure, our university vision and management mantra, departmental vision, aim and objectives gives us more than ninety nine percent confidence level that our products will remain a hot-cake in world’s economy.  Our programme is designed to prepare students to appreciate the complexity of legal, economic, technological and social impacts on the use, development and management of land and the environment. Our programme is like catalysts that not only serve as an engine that energizes every human need in the economy but gives impetus to high developmental creativity of the built environment.

Estate Management centers on the art and science of effective and efficient development and utilization of landed property. Land is not only scarce in supply but also very indispensable to man. Hence, prudence warrants judicious development, use and management of the resources to secure optimum and sustainable returns. In pursuit of this philosophy, the Estate Management programme as herein contained is designed to equip the students to appreciate the complex legal, economic, social and technological impacts on the use, development and management of land and the built environment.


The vision of the Department is to develop a Centre of Excellence South of Sahara where Structured Quality Teaching and Research are impacted for the purpose of Training Professionals in Estate Management and Valuation who adapt skills and align strategic training to enhance efficient Management and valuation of various interests in landed property for the development of the National Economy.


The programme’s mission is to train and develop high skilled professionals in Estate Surveying and Valuation who can compete favorably in the global property market.


The goals of the Department include the followings:

  1. To produce technocrat surveyors and valuers who will proactively drive the wheel of growth and development of the Nigerian Real Estate sector.
  2. To produce technocrat Surveyors and Valuers who will be job providers and employers of labour rather than job seekers.
  • To produce professionals who are equipped with policy formulation and interpretation skills in Real Estate Valuation and in general Land administration in Nigeria.


The aim of Estate Management and Valuation programme is to produce competent, Estate Surveyors and Valuers with sufficient technical knowledge and skills for sustainable management of land resources.

The objectives of Estate Management and Valuation programme are to produce:

  1. Graduates who are innovative and have entrepreneurial skills for self-employment,
  2. Equip students with knowledge and skills that will enable them translate theories and concepts of Estate Management and Valuation into practices relevant to the economy.
  3. Enable students understand, appreciate, and manage the complexities of the relationships between man and his environment,
  4. Provide students with broad and balanced knowledge, and analytical skills that will enable them proffer holistic solutions to challenges associated with the use of land and land resources,
  5. Graduates who are aware and understand the range of environmental challenges and opportunities in the immediate and wider region,

Staff list


Prof. C. C. Nwachukwu

Professor of Project Management Technology with specialization in Real Estate Project Management. Department of Project Management Technology, School of Logistics and Innovation Technology Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State. Registered Estate Surveyor and Valuer.

Current Head, Department of Estate Management and Valuation, School of Environmental Sciences, FUTO.  Former HOD, Department of Project Management Technology, School of Logistics and Innovation Technology, FUTO