Graduate Training and Internship Programme (G.T.I.P)

Alumni Graduate Internship Programme (GTIP)

Graduate Internship Programme (GTIP)


The Association currently promotes an Internship Programme in which fresh graduates of the University are placed on Industry Internship with Companies owned by Alumni members or organisations in which Alumni members are senior executives.



The 1st batch of interns commenced in 2017 and will finish by the last quarter of 2018.
The Association is seeking for more placement opportunities to increase intakes to the programme.

Interns 1st BatchInterns on-board Pacific Bora Drilling Ship as Mudlogger Trainees
L-R: Carl Uchechukwu Ede, Ebulu Emeka Timothy & Opara Ikenna Francis


Carl Uchechukwu Ede on the deck of Pacific Bora Drilling Ship as a Mudlogger Trainer


Excerpts of Comments from some of the Interns


“The experience brought about a practical exposure to most of the things taught in the classroom, read online, books or materials. It also gave me an opportunity to work with certain equipment like the shale shakers”  ………Anueyiagu Ruth.

“I have learnt to differentiate between sand and shale, Calculate Lag time and strokes, Monitor Trip. Most importantly the safety involved in working in an Oil Field/Rig.  Looking back and reflecting on my experiences and exposures which all cannot be on the report, I would like to thank the Company Jimcol Resources and the IDSS for giving me such an opportunity to experience such.”  ……Carl Uchechukwu Ede.

…Within this short period of time, I have learnt a lot, from little to big things. When graduating, we normally have images of how it will be like to work in an office. What will be expected of us to do, how to go about it and all that? During this little time, I have had that opportunity to learn lots of things about how to work within an office structured environment. I, learnt inventory keeping, documentation, work ethics, management and I have had a true test of my strength, tolerance, self-composition, people management, and humility.”  …….Opara Ikenna Francis

“Prior to the internship program…… I was a greenhorn – wide eye graduate of Geoscience who had no experience in the field …But the internship program availed me the opportunity to (without been arrogant) be better than my peers. The technical know-how of the field of study – mudlogging services, examination and deciphering of cuttings using microscope and fluoro-scope, the fundamentals of safety as a paramount aspect of the oil and gas industry, the calculation of lag strokes, and lag time.”  …….EBULU, EMEKA TIMOTHY

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