FUTO Career and Counselling Unit

About the Unit:

The FUTO Career and Counselling Unit provides essential guidance and counselling services to students, staff and members of the university host communities, to enable them to acquire critical life skills to guide informed decisions and choices on personal, social, educational and vocational issues, from among several alternatives, in order to enhance their social development and welfares.

The Unit is attached to the Students Affairs Unit and works in close collaboration with the Department of Health Services, Federal University Teaching Hospital Owerri and to ensure comprehensive coverage and access to students who need guidance and counselling services to benefit from academic, health and other vital services provided by the university.

The unit is actively involved in organizing on-boarding and orientation sessions to newly admitted students, newly recruited staff, as well as pre-retirement workshops for retiring staff to help them maximize their benefits during and after their academic life in the university. The unit organises a career day for finale year students in the University and runs a career resources library, which gives relevant information on careers, employment opportunities and tips for enhanced job interview performance. To unit also liaises with Alumni and professional bodies to organise career development activities like the Varsity Mentor programme (https://varsitymentor.org/). Recently, the Unit is partnering with the Africa Centre of Excellence in Future Energies and Electrochemical Systems (ACE-FUELS) to provide training on leadership and soft skills for graduating students, through the ACE Leadership Academy. This is to enable them to make successful transition to the workplace, entrepreneurship or further studies, post graduation.

The Unit is committed to serving students in their career and other needs that may require professional counselling support. Student counselling services involve individual, group, as well as career counselling, all focused on assisting the students to better understand themselves and their environment, as well as to guide students become successful academically and prepare them to excel in vocational, educational and personal/social challenges. The unit adopts pre-emptive and preventive intervention strategies for the prevention, management and control of disruptive forms of behaviour among students.

The FUTO Career and Counselling Unit is headed by Mrs Roseline Ugo Esonu and located at the main office of the Students Affairs Unit. School-level counselling offices are anchored by the School Administrative Officers.