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The CENTER FOR RESEARCH & INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CRID) is at the forefront of FUTO’s efforts to establish and build a strong relationships and collaborative partnerships with other relevant local and foreign entities such as educational institutions, industries, government and non government agencies as well as other relevant stakeholders, in such a way as to realize the University’s mission and vision in line with the strategic objectives of the University.

Linkage with academic institutions is focused on initiation, planning, implementation and monitoring of linkage activities in the following areas:
i.     Initiating the mutual exchanges of undergraduates, postgraduates, PhDs students and teachers.
ii.    Promoting the co-cultivating of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and the development of dual degree programs.
iii.   Expanding cooperation in scientific research in common-interest scientific research fields.
iv.    Organizing mutual visiting programs to improve the research and teaching level of doctoral students, postgraduates and staff.
v.     Exchange the advanced teaching methods experience, the journals and publications between the two parties.
vi.    Jointly organize international academic symposium (lectures, seminars, academic reports).
vii.   Search and develop the cooperation programs of education and scientific research.

Linkage with industries, governments and government agencies is focused on:
i.    University-Industry joint research projects,
ii.   Product development,
iii.  Patent Licensing,
iv.  Consultancy Services Agreement between University and Industry,
v.   Using Science and Technology Parks and Technology Business Incubation centers,
vi.  Industrial Internship positions for students,
vii. Establishment of University-affiliated enterprises/start-off companies.

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