Information and Public Relations Unit

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Information and Public Relations Unit

The FUTO News Magazine has become a rallying point for intellectual and robust communication discourses, balanced news reporting, personality interviews and vibrant editorial policy, designed to promote and protect the image of the University.

Over the years, the IPR Unit has redefined and repackaged the Person and Office of the Vice-Chancellor as the symbol of vision and mission of the University.

The Unit kicked off officially on May 11, 1981, with Mrs Nkolika A. Onyechi as its Pioneer Acting Head. The Unit, then known as Information, Public Relations and Publication Unit (IPRP), was solely responsible for the production of all University calendar, 1983-1985 and that informed the addition of publications to its name.

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Our Responsibilities

The Information and Public Relations (IPR) Unit of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor and performs among other things, the following duties:

  1. Initiating and implementing public relations strategies for the University to enable it to maintain cordial relations with its teeming publics.
  2. Writing, editing, and publishing information products of reference that provides relevant information to all stakeholders like FUTONews the official bulletinSpecial NewslettersBrochures, etc.
  3. Monitoring public opinion to identify trends and measures public acceptability of the University’s activities as well as identifying public concerns and expectations.
  4. Liaising with important dignitaries on visits to the University or arranging outside visits by the University.
  5. Coordinating all arrangements for corporate and official functions such as Graduation/Matriculation ceremonies etc, Inaugural Lectures, Public Lectures, Convocation Lectures, Staff parties/assemblies, tours, receptions for dignitaries, etc.
  6. Press relations – organizing Press Conferences, interviews, radio/TV talks, etc.
  7. Keeping accurate and up-to-date data bank on all milestone events, newspaper cuttings on higher education. Related news, newspaper reviews, speeches, press releases and other communication materials.
  8. Writing copies of corporate advertisements based on requests from relevant Schools/Departments/Units and specific issues including congratulatory messages, obituaries, etc.

From Mrs. Onyechi, the leadership followed as such:


  1. Nkoli A. Onyechi, – May 11, 1981-1986
  2. Ukwuoma, – 1986-1989
  3. Chief R.O. Ugbolue, – 1989-1993
  4. Chike Ezenwa, – 1993-2000
  5. J.U. Nnabuihe – 2000-2003
  6. I.M. Aligbe, PAR, – 2003-2005
  7. Chike Ezenwa, PAR, – 2005-August 2005
  8. J.U. Nnabuihe, – August 2005-February 2006
  9. Nkoli A. Onyechi, – February 2006 – April 2006
  10. Miss Adaeze Okanny, – April 2006-July 2011
  11. Blessing Ekemezie, – 2011-2013
  12. Chike Ezenwa, – July 2013 – March 2018
  13. Uche, Bright-Nwelue, – January 2019 – date
Our Achievements

IPR Unit has since inception made and continues to make several achievements:

  1. Production of the University first ever calendars covering the period of 1983-1985
  2. Launching of the University quarterly newsletter, FUTONews in the internet in May 2006
  3. Presentation of write ups, electronic documentations, newspaper cuttings that earned the University the 1st Runner up for the Best Vice-Chancellor Award and the Best Vice-Chancellor of the year/Award to Prof. J.E. Njoku in 2003
  4. Production of sourvenirs at the University’s Convocation Ceremonies 2006
  5. Editing of volumes of the Iconic Hallmark of Excellence – A Legacy of Prof. Chigozie Asiabaka, 2011-2016
  6. Production of ‘FUTONews Now’ and ‘FUTONews Bulletin’ in 2011
  7. Production of ‘FUTO This Month/2018’
  8. Giving a Facelift to FUTONews Production in 2019 and production of the FUTONews and University Newsletter in volumes.
  9. Commenced In-House Training for Administrators – July 2019

Mrs Uche Bright-Nwelue

Ag. Coordinator, Information and Public Relations Unit
Bachelors degree in Mass Communication and a Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication with a specialty in Broadcasting.