Directorate of University Linkages and Advancement

Functions and Objectives

Functions and Objectives of the Directorate

The Directorate of University Linkages and Advancement functions primarily as an interface between the University and its affiliate collaborative agencies and institutions both nationally and internationally. The Directorate is responsible for exploring linkages/collaborations/partnerships with institutions, donor agencies and organizations, the industry as well as individuals within and outside the country for overall development and advancement of the University as a leader in technological and entrepreneurial education.

Specifically, the Directorate of University Linkages and Advancement has the following objectives:

  1. Promote fruitful linkages between FUTO and various public or private sector establishments and organizations nationally and internationally for purposes of qualitative manpower training, capacity building, and scientific/technological advancement.
  2. Provide a platform for effective upgrading and marketing of FUTO academic programmes at national and international levels, especially through a purpose-oriented curriculum, collaborative research and mutually beneficial staff and students exchange partnerships.
  3. Collate and publicize information on various linkage activities and attainments of FUTO for the attention of local, national and international beneficiaries, interested stakeholders and target end-users.
  4. Support and facilitate productive cross-country technical, academic and administrative interactions and exchanges involving undergraduate and post-graduate traineeship schemes, plus other collaborative arrangements as may be worked out between FUTO and other institutions and agencies.
  5. Undertake any other roles and assignments as may be determined by the Vice-Chancellor in furtherance of the linkage potentials, opportunities and targets of FUTO locally, nationally and internationally.

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