Mr. Chinomso Daniel Okoronkwo

Mr. Chinomso Daniel Okoronkwo

Assistant Lecturer

BSc., MSc.


Okoronkwo, Chinomso Daniel is of the Department of Software Engineering in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He obtained his Senior School Certificate at Master’s Vessel Classical Academy, Umuahia, Abia State. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State and thereafter obtained an M.Sc.  in Computer Networks and Network Design from Middlesex University, London (Mauritius Campus). His current area of research includes Computer Networks, Embeddedsystem programming, Internet of Things and edge-ML.

Academic Qualification

  • MSc. – Computer Networks and Network Design – 28, November 2018.
  • B.Sc. – Computer Science – 27, November 2015.


  • Member/Awardee of TETFund Research Grant– 2021 IoT-Edge Computing Group.
  • Awardee of Edge Impulse University Support Program /Embedded, Arduino-ML Kits.


Member – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE – 97396808)

Courses Assigned to Teach

  1. Algorithmic Techniques for Smart Systems – CSC 505
  2. Network and Database Administration – CSC 507
  3. Concepts of Programing – SOE 304
  4. Software Application Studio – SOE 306
  5. System and Network Administration – SOE 205
  6. Fundamentals of Cyber Security 1- CYB 201
  7. Introduction to Web Technologies – SOE 204


  1. Information Technology Resource Staff: National Centre for Women Development, Abuja (April2016 – April 2017 ).
  2. Network Trainee/Intern: Directorate of ICT, University of Calabar, Calabar(June 2014– December 2014).

Research Interest

  • Computer Networks,
  • Embeddedsystem programming
  • Internet of Things and edge-ML.


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  3. E. Ogu, L. O. Uzoechi, Y. U. Mshelia, I. A. Erike and C. D. Okoronkwo, “Applicability of Distributed IoT-powered Triage Units in the Management of Infectious Diseases in Developing Countries: The COVID-19 case,” 2020 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Cyberspac (CYBERNIGERIA),              2021,    pp.        11-15,  doi: 10.1109/CYBERNIGERIA51635.2021.9428853.
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