Mrs. Izunobi, Lucy Chinomso

Mrs. Izunobi, Lucy Chinomso

lecturer I

BSc., MSc.


A researcher focused on environmental preservation and sustainability with specialization in ecotoxicology, environmental and pollution assessments and management. An excellent team player with proficiency in bioassays, environmental and health risk assessment, bioremediation, solid waste management and wastewater treatment and other related tasks.

Academic Qualification

  • D. Environmental Management – Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra state – 2018 – date in view

Assessment of the impact of Anthropogenic activities on the quality of Nworie and Otanmiri rivers in Owerri, Nigeria


  • Sc. Environmental Management – Enugu State University of Science and Technology. – 2014 -2016

Assessment of Water Quality Characteristics and Plankton species in Nworie River in Owerri area of Southeastern Nigeria


  • Sc. Zoology (Environmental Toxicology & Pollution Management) – University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos state – 2000

            An ecological Assessment of Kuramo waters.

  • Sc. Zoology – University of Portharcourt, Rivers state. -1998





  • Member Nigerian Environmental Society

  • Organization for Women in Science for Developing countries

Courses Assigned to Teach


Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Management

2014 -Date

Member Environmental Toxicology and Environment and Energy research teams, OWSD FUTO chapter.

Research Interest

Aquatic Toxicology, Nano-ecotoxicology, Environmental and Health Risk Assessment, Waste water treatment, remediation of contaminated water/ soil, Waste Recycling/management, Environmental assessments using geographic information system (GIS).


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