Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Office for University Development

Background of the Office

The Office for University Development is a unit under the Office of the Vice Chancellor.  The Unit is statutorily headed by a director who is usually assisted by a deputy director.  According to the act establishing the Unit, the Director is responsible to the Vice Chancellor in the following areas:

  1. Implementing the decisions of the Management Board on commercial ventures and consultancy services,
  2. Organising and promoting the FUTO Alumni Association,
  3. Establishing and maintaining business and social linkages with other institutions
  4. Keeping the University environment and surroundings clean,
  5. Sourcing for funds from within and outside of the University for the Development of the University.
  6. Performing other duties that may be assigned by the Vice Chancellor,


To join hand with other arms of the University to accelerate meaningful development of the University, especially as it concerns the implementation of the decisions of the Management Board on a commercial venture and consultancy services, the Alumni Association and the physical environment of the University.


To diligently implement decisions of the Management Board on commercial ventures and consultancy services; help to establish social and business linkages with industries and outside institutions; ensure that the FUTO Alumni Association is encouraged to sustain a cordial relationship with their Alma Mater and ensure that the physical environment of FUTO is beautifully kept to project the image and reputation of the University.

Featured List

Dr Bridget

Engr. Prof. Kechinyere Bridget Oyoh

B.Sc, M.Tech., PhD.

Director, Office for University Development

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