The supreme body of the Alumni is the Convention which is made up of all registered members of the Association. Non-elective Conventions can hold every year while elective Conventions to elects the executives hold every 3 years.

Board of Trustees (BoT)

The Alumni has a 7  member  Board of Trustee selected from distinguished and reputable members of the Alumni.

National Executive Council (NEC)

The National Executive Council is the Executive Management arm of the Alumni and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Alumni Association. It is headed by the National President with other National Officers, Chapter Chairmen and Secretary as members.

The Council meets regularly to review and approve the activities of the Association.

The Alumni Association currently has the following Chapters in different cities in Nigeria.
  1. Owerri Chapter
  2. Aba Chapter
  3. Port Harcourt Chapter
  4. Enugu Chapter
  5. Uyo Chapter
  6. Bayelsa Chapter
  7. Lagos Chapter
  8. Abuja Chapter
  9. FAAD Chapter (FUTO Alumni Association in Diaspora)

Each Chapter is administered by a Chapter Chairman and Chapter executives.