Principal Assistant Registrar - University Senate Affairs

Dr Oluchi Monica Osondu

Dr Oluchi M Osondu

Dr Oluchi Monica Osondu

Principal Assistant Registrar

PhD, M.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons), Political Science




Academic Qualification

  • PhD, Public Administration, Human Resources Management  Option (2013) University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • M.Sc, Public Administration with emphasis on Human Resources Management (2004) Imo State University, Owerri
  • B.Sc (Hons), Political Science (1996) University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member: Society for Human Resources Management (MSHRM)
  • Member: Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM)
  • Member: Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators

Work Experience

PAR/Ag. Co-ordinator: May 2018-date

  • Ag. Coordinator, Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies
  • Coordinates the administrative activities of the Institute.

Principal Assistant Registrar (PAR): 2010-2018

  • Assistant Coordinator, Records and Statistics Unit
  • Worked on student’s transcripts at the confirmation and approval stages (from September 2011 to August 2015 and September 2016 to April 2018, 7 years, 2 months)
  • Also served as Assistant Secretary to the University Ceremonials Committee, Lecture Series Committee, etc, 2012 – April 2018, 6 years.

Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO): 2010 – 2011

  • Served as DAO in Chemical Engineering Department (from September 2010 to August 2011, 1 Year)

Senior Assistant Registrar/Assistant Coordinator Admissions Unit (SAR): September 2007 – September 2010

  • Worked on student’s admissions and supported/facilities Management decision on student’s e-Registration, (from September 2007 to September 2010, 3 Years. Served as Assistant Secretary, Admissions Committee.

Assistant Registrar (AR): June 2004 – September 2007

  • University Senate Unit
  • Covered and produced minutes of Senate Meetings, Communications from Senate and also supported Management decision to install e-Senate (from June 2004 to September 2007, 3 Years & 3 Months).
  • Covered the following Committee meetings:
  • University Ceremonials Committee/Lecture Series Meetings (2012 – date).
  • Department Board Meetings (2010 – 2011).
  • Admissions Committee meetings (2007 – 2010).
  • Senate meetings (four years, 2004 – 2007)
  • Committee of Deans Meetings (three years, 2005 – 2007)
  • Senate Business Committee meetings (four years, 2004 – 2007) as well as other standing and ad-hoc Senate/Council Committees.



Local Government Service Commission Owerri Imo State, Nigeria

Principal Administrative Officer/AG Director of Administration and Finance (DAF) for Owerri North Local Government

  • Was in charge of administrative and financial matters in the Local Government from July 2001 to May 2004, 2 years & 10 months.

Senior Administrative Officer for Owerri North Local Government

  • Was the Head of Personnel Management (HPM)/the Marriage Officer from February 1999 to June 2001, 2 years & 6 months.

Administrative Officer I for Okigwe Local Government

  • Was the Head of Personnel Management/Training Officer (January 1996 – January 1999, 3 years). Organized a training program for Junior Staff of the Local Government that positively affected their attitude to work.

Principal Executive Officer for Njaba Local Government

  • Worked on administrative matters; was in charge of Junior Staff training and Development (June 1990 – December 1996, 6 years & 4 months)

Senior Executive Officer for Owerri Municipal Council

  • Was in charge of Government Identification papers to the public (May 1987 – May 1989, 2 Years)

Senior Clerical officer for Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government

  • Was in charge of the file room (January 1981 – April 1989, 5 years & 3 months).
  • Also won the “Best Administrative/Clerical officer of the Year” Award in 1984.


  • PhD Thesis/Dissertation: Implementation of the 2004 Pension Reform Act in Tertiary Institution in the South-East States, Nigeria.

Major Academic Publications in Referred Journals:             

  • Osondu, M. O. (2014) Democracy and Political Participation: A case study of Imo State in the 2007 General Elections. International Journal of Development and Management Review. Graham’s Town, South Africa. Vol.9 No. Pp. 34 – 49.
  • Osondu, M. O. (2015) Membership in the Multilateral Economic Organizations: an Evaluation of Nigeria’s Participation in ECOWAS (1985 – 2014): International Journal of Development and Management Review. Graham’s Town, South Africa. Vol 10 No 1 Pp. 95 – 109.
  • Onuoha, J. A., Ukah, M., Obialor, D. C. and Osondu, M. O. (2015) Genetic Engineering: Its Prospects, facts or Fiction? International Journal of Science and Engineering research. Hazlehurst Houston, Texas USA. Vol 6 No Pp 1022 – 1034.
  • Osondu, M. O. (2016) Implementation of the 2004 Pension Reform Act in Tertiary Institutions in the South East States, Nigeria. Public Policy and Administration Research, International Institute for Science, Technology and Education. (IISTE) London & New York United States. Vol 6 No. 7 Pp. 76 – 88.
  • Osondu, M. O. (2016) A Handbook on Pension Schemes. Uzopietro Publishers 29 Alaenyi Stree, Owerri Imo State.
  • Osondu, M. O. (2017) Periscoping the USA Income Tax System: A lesson for Nigeria. (Accepted for publication). International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development (IJARD) School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Vol 20 (1) 2017.

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