Senior Lecturer - Directorate of General Studies

Louisa Ngozi Amaechi

Louisa Ngozi Amaechi

Senior Lecturer

BSc., MSc., PhD


Dr Mrs L N Amaechi got her 1st School Leaving Certificate in 1979, WASC in 1984, B.Sc 1991, M.Sc in 1995 and PhD International Relations in (2013). She teaches social sciences courses in DGS FUTO. She is married with three children.

Courses Assigned to Teach
Research Interest

Academic Qualification

  • NCE Govt/Religion 1989
  • B.Sc Political Science 1991
  • M.Sc Political Science 1995
  • PhD in Political Science 2013

Courses assigned:

GST 201, GST 108.


  • Minnesota Religious Association¬†
  • Nigerian Political Science Association¬†

Research Interest

Peace and Conflict Resolution, Women in Politics and International Relations.


  1. Women empowerment and sustainable development in Nigeria. Internal Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invention. (2019) Vol 6 No 11. Pp 5711-5714
  2. Integrating Women in Polity and Leadership for sustainable development in Nigeria. Academy of Social Science Journal. (2019) Vol 4. No 11. Pp 1538-1544

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