Lecturer II, Department of Physics

Mr Chijioke Amakom

Mr Chijioke Amakom

Lecturer II

B.Sc., M.Sc (Ibadan)
Email: chijioke.amakom@futo.edu.ng


Amakom Chijioke had his first degree from Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki in the field of Industrial Physics and then proceeded for his MSc at the University of Ibadan where he got an MSc in the field of Radiation and Health Physics.

Research Interest

Academic Qualification

  • BSc. (EBSU)
  • MSc. (UI)

Membership of Professional bodies

  • Member, Renewable and Alternative Energy Society of Nigeria
  • Member, Health Physics Society


  • Lecturer, Physics Unit, Caritas University 2011-2014
  • Lecturer, Department of Physics, FUTO, 2014 till date

Research Interest

Environmental and Industrial Radiation monitoring, Renewable and Alternative Energy sources.

Specialization: Radiation and Health Physics.


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