Biomedical Technology, PG – Course Outline

PhD Courses

(BMT candidates should register a minimum of 15 units, excluding research)

CodeCourse Title LTPUnits
BMT 911Applied Mathematics and Computer Logics2103
BMT 913Genetic Engineering and advances1113
BMT 915Advanced Biomaterials and Artificial organs1113
BMT 917Advanced Bioinformatics1113
BMT 912Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering*1113
BMT 914Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine*1113
BMT 916Clinical Engineering and Instrumentation*1113
BMT 918Bioprocess Engineering1113
BMT 980Seminars on the chosen option0022
Selected useful courses in the University can be approved6

*Choose only one currently available BMT option (specialization)

PhD Candidacy

CodeCourse TitleLTPUnits
BMT 990Research, Dissertation and Oral exams002424



M.Sc. Courses

(BMT candidates should register a minimum of 45 units)

Harmattan Semester

BMT 801Advanced Engineering Science2103
BMT 803Principles and Application of Mechanics1113
BMT 805Advanced Biology2103
BMT 821Advanced Medical Science2103
BMT 823Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology1113
BMT 841Advanced Principles and Applications

of Electricity and Electronics


Rain Semester

BMT 812Applied Mathematics & Electronics1113
BMT 822Biomechanics, Prosthetics and Orthotics1113
BMT 834Biomaterials and Artificial Organs1113
BMT 842Advanced Biophysics1113
BMT 844Medical Electronics and Instrumentation1113
BMT 870Public Health Engineering Technology1113

Second year (Harmattan Semester)

BMT 831Advanced Bioprocess1113
BMT 851Bioengineering Research Methodology and Ethical Practice1113
BMT 861Vocational Training in Craft and Workshop Skills0123
BMT 871Seminars in a chosen area0033
BMT 891Research and Thesis0066

Note: Postgraduate students should consult their supervisors (or HOD) before selection/registration of courses.

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