Prof. Atulegwu Patrick Uzoije

Prof. Atulegwu Patrick Uzoije


BSc., MSc., PhD


Engr. Professor Atulegwu Patrick Uzoije (Ph..D)  has  Twenty Two  years of teaching, research and field experience in Pollution control, Environmental Resource Management, landfill design and management, Ecological modeling,  Biochemical Engineering, Environmental Hydraulics, Soil mechanics, Contaminant Migration Through Water and Porous Media, Flood and Erosion control,  Geotechnical Engineering, and General Environmental studies, Experience in water quality modeling, Engineering site investigation and foundation studies, waste management and pollution studies, as well as GIS/Remote sensing and numerical modeling of watersheds. He is versed in instrumentation, for both field and laboratory measurements, thus: spectrophotometer, high pressured liquid chromatography (HPLC), in-situ and laboratory analysis of polluted soil and water, is competent in a broad range of statistical software (JMP, SPSS, SIGMA), and numerical modeling software such as MODFLOW and MODPATH codes.


Academic Qualification

  • PhD Civil Engineering with bias in Environmental Engineering

University of Nigeria Nsukka 2008


  • M-Eng Civil Engineering with bias in Environmental Engineering

University of Port-Harcourt 2000


  • B-Eng Chemical Engineering

Enugu State University of Technology 1996





  • Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSCHE)
  • Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE),
  • Environmental Society of Nigeria (NES)
  • Nigerian institution of Environmental Engineering (NIEE)

Courses Assigned to Teach


  • Sulphanation Plant Attendant and Lab Technician Lever Brothers’ Nig PLC Apapa Lagos

(Industrial Training) 1993 

  • Field Engineer Assistant under the Department; Corrosion Control of Pipelines, Sandblasting and
  • Environmental Control (NYSC Funjikey Nig. Ltd Aba Road Port- Harcourt 1997-98
  • lecturer (2001) to a Professor (2017) Fed Univ. of Tech Owerri,

Sabbatical Experience with chevron limited Nigeria limited (CNL)

  • Reviewed over 210 reports which include; Environmental Monitoring (EM), Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), compliance monitoring Reports, Pre-inspection of crude oil impacted site projects, and Post clean-up inspection(PCI) reports
  • Review of Engineered Landfill design.
  • Played Role as the Engineered landfill building project team; Head team for design specification compliance and quality control and quality assurance of the projects
  • Writing of scope of work for Environmental Remediation and Restoration of crude oil impacted site projects, EIA, EM, EMP, PCI
  • Capability assessment of consultants and technical bids.
  • Participated in the monitoring compliance of quality of discharged gaseous and produced water

Research Interest

Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship


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  • Biennial Engineering conference on ‘Decay in infrastructure- A challenge to science and Engineering research in realizing vision 20-2020 held in federal university of Technology Mina Niger state 26th -28th June 2008.


  • Prediction of rill Erosion in Abia state South Eastern Nigeria;

A case of Arochukwu local government area. Proceeding of second international conference on sustainable development held at Niger hall C.E.C University of Nigeria Nsukka Nigeria by August 5-8 2008    2 (4) 70-74


  • One- day workshop on Geographic Information Science (GIS) as a tool for efficient service deliver in work places

            At the SEET conference room of Federal University of Technology Owerri on July, 2008.


  • FUTO International Conference on ‘Renewable and Alternative energy’ held in the hall of mercy of federal university of Technology Owerri between March 29-April 2, 2009


  • International conference on research and development held at the theater hall of university of Abuja between 6th – 9th April 2010.


Assessment of   methane-yielding capacity of animal waste sourced from different locations. A paper presented at the international conference on Renewable and Alternative Energy, held in the FUTO senate chambers between 16th -17th may 2010