Prof. Chidi Donatus Okereke

Prof. Chidi Donatus Okereke


B.Eng., M.Eng., PhD


Chidi Donatus Okereke a native of Umuchoke Umunumo in Ehime Mbano local government area of Imo State Nigeria embraced love for nature, dexterity and culture early in life. As a primary school pupil he was exposed to handicraft and simple technology of making compost manure.

Despite the setback of the civil war between Nigeria and Biafra (1967 -1970), he went successfully through the crucible of secondary, post secondary and university education with strong grounding in the sciences.

Before entering Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria in 1977, Chidi Donatus Okereke had taught at Aquinas Secondary School Osu as a tutor in 1976 with Higher School Certificate obtained at Federal Government College, Port Harcourt. He graduated from ABU Zaria in 1980 with First Class degree in Agric. Engineering (Soil & Water Engineering) and did his National Youth Services Corps (NYSC) at Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority Yola before joining the services of FUTO in 1981 as Assistant lecturer.

Chidi Donatus Okereke also holds M.Sc. Water Resources Technology, Civil Engineering of the University of Birmingham UK 1983 and PhD Public Health Engineering, Civil Engineering of Federal University of Technology Owerri  (FUTO) 2002.

He is a COREN Registered Engineer R4747 Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria 1991 and a Fellow Nigerian Environmental Society (FNES).

His research works span across areas of Biowaste and biomass to energy, water quality control, climate, environmental pollution control, soil conservation and R&D of devices/technologies in Environmental Engineering/Water resources. He has many publications and patent to his credit.


Chidi Donatus Okereke rose to the rank of full professor (Professor of Environmental Engineering) in 2003.

As a university teacher, he taught and supervised projects/research of many undergraduate and postgraduate students some of who are gainfully serving society in various capacities as PhD holders, Professors and in top echelon of their chosen areas of human endeavour.


He held positions such as

  • Head of Department, Environmental Technology, FUTO (1998-2001; 2005-2006)
  • Director of Office for University Development (OUD) (2006-2008)
  • Director, Central Instruments Equipment Centre FUTO (2017- 2021)
  • Dean, Postgraduate School FUTO (2008-2012)
  • Chairman, NUC Accreditation Environmental Science ‘A’ in Northern Zone, team for ATBU (2010)
  • National Member, Tetfund R&D Standing Committee
  • External Examiner to a number of universities in Nigeria.


Prof Chidi Donatus Okereke was Visiting Academic/Professor to CUTEC and an alumnus of DAAD Germany.  He is married to Dr Mrs Stella Ngozi Okereke and their marriage is blessed with 5 children.

Academic Qualification

B.Eng. (First Class) Agric. Eng., Soil & Water Engineering  ABU, Zaria (1980)

M.Sc. Water Resources Engineering, Civil Engineering University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (1983)

PhD Public Health Engineering, Civil Eng. FUTO, Owerri, Nigeria (2002)


  • Grantee, International Research Grant from International Foundation for Science (IFS) Sweden 1989
  • FUTO Research Grants


  • COREN Registered Engineer R4747 Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria
  • Fellow, Nigerian Environmental Society (FNES)

Courses Assigned to Teach




Research Interest

  • Biowaste & Biomass to energy technology
  • Climate change: Carbon sequestration research
  • Water Resources
  • Environmental pollution control and Public Health Engineering studies

>>Surface water and groundwater quality control technology

>>Septic tanks & wastewater treatment and disposal technology

>>Air quality

  • Control of ground surface soil erosion by water
  • Research and Development of devices /technologies in Env. Eng/Water Resources


  1. M.Sc. THESIS 1983
          Part I: Simple Disinfection Devices     Part II: Anaerobic Digestion of Activated Sludge, submitted for Master of Science Degree in Water Resources Technology, Civil Engineering, The University of Birmingham, UK
  1. PhD THESIS. Okereke C.D. 2000. PhD Thesis on Performance of 3-Compartment Septic Tank, submitted for Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Engineering, Civil Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri.
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  1. Design of automatic maximum River Stage meter CDO model 2. Patent No. RP 11376 of date of sealing, 20/4/93 (in commercial use).
  1. Computerized Laboratory flow measurement data acquisition system. Patent No. RP 11465 of 1/7/93

Consultancy and Technical Reports
  1. FUTO Borehole Project: Report on Water Quality of FUTO Borehole 2. A Technical report submitted to FUTO CONSULT, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, May, 1993.
  1. Infiltration tests on the Ibu Dam project area soils at Arondizuogu. A technical report submitted to Anambra- Imo River Basin Development Authority by Goddy N. Onuoha and C. D. Okereke.
  1. Owerri Relief Market gully erosion control Project; Rapid Result Approach. A technical design report submitted to Imo State Environmental Protection Agency (ISEPA), Sept., 1994.
  1. Planning Report for Water supply Scheme in Isiekenesi Parish: Feasibility Study. Vol.1. Jan. 1997.
  1. Report on Study and Design of Measures for gully Erosion Control at Agbahara Nsu in Ehime-Mbano Local Government Area. Submitted to Imo State Committee on Ecological problems (ISCEP), Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Owerri, Sept. 2001.
  1. Final Report on Study and Design of Measures for gully Erosion Control at Uhuala Obibi Ochasi, Orlu Local Government Area. Submitted to Imo State Committee on Ecological problems (ISCEP), Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Owerri, Sept. 2001.
  1. Report on Soil/Concrete Test Result of Nkwo-Mbaa Erosion Control Project (Mbano L.G.A.) submitted to Emifan Services Limited (Engineering and Construction), Oct 19, 2001.
  1.  Soil Investigation Report for Plot 5041 within Commercial Action Area Layout, New Owerri, Owerri West LGA covering an area of 3.177 Ha proposed for 7-Storey Hotel Building, 2010.

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