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Career Opportunities

Job opportunities for graduates of Public Health are abundant and competitive. Graduates can find jobs in both the private and public sector, including the options of self-employment. Depending on the level of exposure and education in the field, the following are jobs are available for public health professionals:

Epidemiologist, Health educator, Disease control specialist, Community health coordinator, Health Programme Coordinators, Environmental Health Career, Dental hygienist/Technologist, Public Health Physician, Researcher, Lecturer, Public Health Consultant. Director of mental health, Disease Intervention Specialist, Outreach Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Prevention Coordinator, Patients Care Coordinator, Health Planner, Public Health Adviser and many others. International job opportunities are available with the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF), World Bank,   United Nations Organization (UNO), United Nations High Commission on Refugees, etc. Many other job opportunities are available with Non-government Organization or charitable foundations in Nigeria and overseas. Public health graduates with a special passion for certain health concerns can found their own non-profit or charitable foundations to advance a course.