Established with a view to providing expertise in undertaking field extension projects from time to time in the adjoining rural communities of the University and beyond in order to develop linkages between farmers and the department, the department has constantly delegated her students to the villages for practical application of the principles and techniques learnt in the classroom on farmers’ fields.

The faculty members undertake research on various aspects of agricultural extension like needs assessment of extension clientele, assessment of competencies of extension field staff, identification of problems in extension administration, adoption of agricultural innovations, and evaluation of various extension projects.

We impact skills needed in research methodology to diagnose and approach agricultural development problems with confidence and effectiveness and help students’ understand basic principles in agricultural economics and farm management. The teaching staff of the department also provides consultancy services to various organizations involved in the venture of rural development.


Dr. M. A. Ukpongson

Head of Department, Agricultural ExtensionView Profile

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