Life on planet earth is sustained primarily by the energy from the sun. Of all life forms, only plants are able to harness the energy from the sun and they subsequently make same available to other forms of life. Hence, plants are referred to as primary producers. Plants are therefore strategically positioned at the centre of sustainable life on earth. This goes to explain why the indiscriminate exploitation of plant life has made global warming a contemporary issue.  Consequently, proper management of plant resources has become imperative.

In the Department of Crop Science and Technology, we are concerned with the management and improvement of crops which comprise all plant life forms that are cultivated to provide food, shelter and clothing for man and his animals. The Department which started in 1982 as Crop Production Programme in the School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in different areas of crop science including Farming Systems; Crop Physiology; Plant Breeding; Crop Production; Horticulture; Entomology; Nematology; Plant Pathology; Weed Science. These open up a vast array of career opportunities in different spheres of the economy to students on graduation. Ultimately, the Department of Crop Science and Technology, SAAT aims at improving crop production in the cropping systems of prevailing in the different ecological zone of Nigeria.


Dr (Mrs.) O. P. Onyewuchi

Head of Department of Crop Science & Technology

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