The Department of Forestry and Wildlife at FUTO is a leading African university department dedicated to research and teaching in Forestry and Wildlife. Commencing activities in 2007. The Department boasts among other facilities, the Zoological garden, a well-established Forest Nursery, Honey-hives located at various points within the University, Forest plantation and a Botanical garden where varieties of neglected fruits, vegetables and other plants are nurtured.

Our students are grounded to fit in Oil Companies/Ministries as Forest Officers/Wildlife Officers, Research Institutes as Research Officers.

We implore you to be a Forester. Let us protect our ecosystem. Let us join hands together in fighting Global Warming by planting trees. Let’s go green!


The Department of Forestry and Wildlife Technology (FWT) aims not only at imparting the theoretical knowledge but also at giving greater emphasis to practical experience in the field and the development of appropriate skills of the students through intensified practical works. The courses are designed to lay more emphasis on “do-it-yourself” exercises backed up with sufficient training and staff supervision. The courses taught in field schools every semester from the 1st to the 5th year involve practical application and theoretical subjects relevant to the Nigerian environment, especially the South-East zone.


  1. To produce graduates geared towards self-employment.
  2. To produce graduates with scientific knowledge and skills necessary for the industry and any aspect of forestry and wildlife.
  3. To produce graduates that are relevant to society and who can contribute effectively to wildlife management and conservation, produce raw materials for small, medium and large-scale industries, environmental conservation and enhance socio-economic development.
  4. To produce the required manpower which will not only be used in staffing Forestry and Wildlife establishments nationally but which also would be able to carry out relevant mission oriented researches into all aspects of Forestry and Wildlife, yet unexplored benefits and products which can serve as bases for newer industries.

Dr I. Edet

HOD, Forestry & Wildlife TechnologyView Profile

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