Dr. Stephen U. O. Onyeagocha

B Agric., M Sc., PhD.

Dr Stephen Umuamuefula Osuji Onyeagocha


Dr. of Agricultural Economics
(Agricultural Finance & Project)
E-mails: steveonyeagocha@yahoo.comsteveonyeagocha@gmail.com


Dr Steve Onyeagocha graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka with B. Agric (Agric Econs) (1982); MSc Agricultural Economics (Finance) (1986), and PhD Agric Econs (Finance and Projects) (2009). On graduation of a first degree, he did his NYSC primary assignment at NACB Ltd. (now BOA) in 1982/83 in the Project and Supervisory Units. Thereafter, he secured appointment as an Industrial Promotions officer, attached to Fund for Small-scale Industries (FUSSI) at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Owerri, Imo State. After his MSc, he was promoted to the position of a Senior Industrial Promotions Officer in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and was posted to Lagos Liaison Office in 1991 as the Commercial/Industrial Attachee (Senior Management Position) overseeing the organization of Trade fairs, Investment forum and attending Board Meetings, etc, on behalf of Imo State Government on matters concerning commerce and industry.

In 1993, he left the Government Service and joined the Allied Bank of Nigeria Plc (defunct) as an Assistant Manager (8) and rose to the position of Assistant Manager (7). Later, he moved to College of Business Imo State University, Outreach Programme, Lagos as a Lecturer and Coordinator of PGD Programme from where he joined Federal University of Technology, Owerri (2001). He is currently a Reader (2012) and the Deputy Director of the University Computer Centre. He is the Agricultural Economics Co-coordinator of; the Centre for Continuous Education (CCE), Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, as well as being the FUTO Sustainable Development Desk Officer, Chairman Elite Co-operative Societies (for Academics), Secretary, St. Joseph Catholic Chaplaincy Council, Imo State University as well as its sports/games captain.

Dr Onyeagocha is a consultant to many organizations at different times including UNDP, GTZ, Imo State Development Finance Investment Company (1998-2000), Resource Person for National Board for Technical Education in Accreditations of Federal College of Forestry, Ibadan (2003) and Federal College of Forestry and Land Resouces, Owerri (2005); UNDP Stakeholders Board Member on Sustainable Agriculture, Environment and Rural Devpt in Imo State (1998-2001); and Joint Appraisal and Monitoring Team Member for NDE Programmes in Imo State. He belongs to many professional bodies. He has well over 50 publications in Local and International Journals; and has presented over 30 papers in Lectures/Seminars in the area of Banking, Finance and Industry. He has also been involved in the organization of many Local and International Workshops. He is blessed with a lovely family.



Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • Ph.D. Agricultural Economics (Finance and Project Appraisal) University of Nigeria Nsukka (8th April 2009)
  • M.Sc. Agricultural Economics (Finance) University of Nigeria, Nsukka(24th April, 1986)
  • B.Agric. Agricultural Economics (Management)University of Nigeria, Nsukka (July, 1982)


Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Associate Member, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM)
  • Registered member, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN)
  • Ordinary Member, Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN)
  • Member, Agricultural Economics Society of Nigeria



  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO):
    • 2001  –  Lecturer II
    • 2012  –  Reader
    • Period:  2001-2018 (18 Years)
  • College of Business, Imo State University (IMSU), Lagos Outreach
    • Position:  – PGD Coordinator
    • Lecturer  –  Period:  1998-2001 (3years)
    • AEC PG Seminar Coordinator 2012-2014
    • Project Supervision: B. Tech; M. Sc. and Ph. D. Students


  • Allied Bank of Nigeria, Plc (defunct)
    • a.  Financial Advisory Services Department:
      • Position:  Ag. Head of Department
      • Duties:  Preparation of Feasibility and Market Studies, and packaging of companies for capital market operations, etc.
    • b.  Corporate Finance Department
      • Position:  Unit Head III – Assistant Manager 8
      • Duties:  Credit Appraisal, Loan Disbursement and Recovery, etc.
    • c.  Financial Control Department
      • Position:  Unit Head, General Account
      • Duties:  Reconciliation of Accounts
      • Period:  1993 – 1998 (6years).
  • Imo State Government Liaison Office, Lagos
    • Position:  Commercial/Industrial Attaché  (A Senior Management Position)
    • Duties:  Promoting and Coordinating Industrial, Commercial and other Development Activities such as Trade Fairs, Investment Fora for Imo State Government in Lagos.
    • Period:    1991 to March 1993 (2years).
  • Funds for Small – Scale Industries FUSSI
    • Position:  Senior Industrial Promotion Officer/Credit Officer
    • Duties: Credit Appraisal of Agro and Industrial Project, Loan Disbursement and Recovery.
    • Period:  1985 – 1991 (6years).
  • Nigeria Agricultural and Co-operative Bank Ltd, Owerri (now known as Bank of Agriculture)
    • Position:  Project/Supervisory Officer (NYSC)
    • Duties:      Project formulation, Appraisal and Supervision.
    • Period:     1982/83


  • Participated in Joint Credit Appraisal and Monitoring Team of National Directorate for Employment (NDE) and Fund for Small-scale Industries (FUSSI) for NDE –Graduate Employment and Matures Peoples’ Programme (1988-90).
  • UNDP Stakeholders Board Members on “Sustainable Agriculture, Environments and Rural Development” in Imo State (1998-2000).
  • UNDP/GTZ Resource Person for the “Workshops for the Development of Niger Delta Areas”  for Director of Ministries, LG Chairmen and Officials, held at Asaba, Akure and Owerri (September to October 2001).
  • Consultant to Imo State Development Finance Investment Company (DFIC) in Agricultural Matters in Imo State (1998-2000).
  • Resource Person for the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Re-accreditation Visitation Panel for their Programmes of Federal  College of Forestry, Ibadan, 19-23, May 2003.
  • Resource Person for the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Reaccreditation Visitation Panel for the Programmes of Federal College of Forestry and Land Resources, Egbeada, Owerri (2005).


  • Lecturer II     –    19th December 2001 – 1st October 2003
  • Lecturer I    –      1st October 2003  –      1st October 2009
  • Senior Lecturer     –     1st October 2009 – 1st October 2012
  • Reader     –      1st October 2012 – 1st October 2015                        
  • SABBATICAL LEAVE    –    2nd December 2006 – 2nd December 2017


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  • Financing of Agricultural, Microfinance and SMEs projects
  • Agribusiness Promotions, Financing and Development.
  • Entrepreneurship Promotions and Development.
  • Risk Management of Agricultural Projects
  • Feasibility Study Preparation and Project Management.


  • 1st Degree: Home Management in Nsukka Community: An Analysis of Household Time and Cash Budgeting of Self Employed Women and Housewives of Self Employed Men.
  • 2nd Degree: Income Distribution and Repayment Capability in Credit Use: A Case Study of Selected rural Farmers in Imo State.
  • 3rd Degree: Comparative Studies of the Methods and Performance of Microfinance Institutions in the Southeast States of Nigeria.




  • (1987)              Raw Materials Sources and Strategies for Ensuring Steady Supply at a Workshop organized by the Imo Ministry of Commerce and Industry, at Concord Hotel, Owerri.
  • (1990)              Forming a Small-scale Industry at a Workshop organized by the Imo State Library Board, Owerri.
  • (1990)              Financial Problems of Small-scale Industries at the Conference of Industrial Promotions Officers, Owerri (March 1990).
  • (1991)              Credit Administrations and Associated Problems at the Conference of Industrial Promotions Officers, Owerri (July 1991).
  • (2001)              UNDP/GTZ Workshop on Sustainable Development for Directors of Ministries, Top Officials of LGs and NGOs, at Asaba, Delta State; Akure, Ondo State; and Owerri, Imo State (August – October). Three Papers presented on:
    • The concept of Development and Modernization in Nigeria
    • Problems/Constraints of Development Process in Nigeria
    • Project Preparation and Financing
  • (1995)              Basic Marketing Products/Services at a Seminar organized by Allied Bank of Nigeria Training School, Matori Lagos, for Officers and Managers (16th November).
  • (1995)              Product Vs Customer Marketing Strategies at a Seminar organized by Allied Bank of Nigeria Training School, Matori Lagos, for Officers and Managers (7th November).
  • (1995)              Customer Behaviours – Factors Affecting Buyers’ Decisions at a Course organized by Allied Bank of Nigeria Training School, Lagos, for Bank Supervisors (15th November).
  • (1995)              Introduction to Negotiable Instruments in a Course organized by Allied Bank of Nigeria Training School, Matori Lagos, for Bank Supervisors (16th November).


Among many Conferences/ Seminars attended include:

  • (1985)              National Workshop on Village Adoption (Credit) Scheme (VAS) at the Center for Rural Development & Co-operative, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  • (1995)              One-month Course on Project Management and Monitoring Sponsored by the World Bank/Federal Ministry of Industries and Organized by the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) for Financial Institution Managers/Officers at Metropolitan Hotel, Calabar.
  • (1990)              National Workshop on Small-Scale Enterprises, Strategies for Solution under SAP Organized by the Association of Nigerian Development Finance Institution, at Enugu.
  • (1990)              National Workshop on Authentic Technological and Industrial Break-through in Nigeria organized by the Consultancy, research and Development Center, (CORDEL), of University of Port Harcourt at the International Airport Hotel, Port Harcourt, River State.
  • (1993)              Marketing of Financial Services in a Competitive Economy Sponsored by Universal Trust Bank (UTB) and organized by KONSULSERVE -Management Development Consultants, Agidingbi -Ikeja(July).
  • (1994)              National Workshop on Capital Market Operations (CMO) organized by the Financial Institutions Training Center, Yaba, Lagos (13th-15th May).
  • (1994)              National Workshop on Total Quality Management (TQM) organized by KONSULTSERVE and sponsored by Allied Bank, at Matori, Lagos (8th-9th July).
  • (2001)              Investment Opportunities in Non-Oil Exports organized by Lagos Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Commerce House, Lagos, 28th June.
  • (2008)              ARM 347 – Training Workshop on Web Searching for Agricultural Scientists and Development Officers; 1st – 5th December 2008, ARMTI; Ilorin.
  • (2010)              ARM 244 – Workshop on Feasibility Study and Proposal Writing, 1st – 5th November 2010; ARMTI, Ilorin.
  • (2012)              ARM 320 – Training Workshop on Agricultural Policy Analysis, 2nd – 6th April 2012; ARMTI, Ilorin.
  • (2013)              ARM  235  –    Agricultural Credit Analysis and Risk Management; 15th– 19th; 2013; ARMTI, Ilorin.


  • (1987)              Member, Organizing Committee of the 1987 FUSSI Workshop on Management of SMEs at    Concord Hotel, Owerri;
  • (1981)             Member and Secretary Organizing Committee on The Use of Non-Wheat Flour (or Composite Flour) in the Bakery Industries – a Joint Workshop of FUSSI and Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO);
  • (2000)            Member and Secretary Organizing Committee of International Conference on Conceptualizing African Approach to Management at University of Lagos Conference Center, Akoka, organized by Goldland Business Company Ltd. (July).
  • (2014)             Chairman, Joint Workshop of School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology and Centre for Women,  Gender and Development Studies, FUTO tagged “Pathway from Subsistence to Commercial Farming” held from 2nd to 4th July, at New SAAT Lecture Hall, FUTO.
  • (2015)             Chairman, Joint National Workshop of Federal University of Technology, Owerri and UN-Nigeria Sustainable Development Solutions Network tagged “ Sustainability of Nigeria Environment for Sustainable Development”, held 26th to 28th May, 2015 at Hall of Excellence, FUTO.
  • (2015)             Chairman, Joint Workshop of School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology and Centre for Women, Gender and Development Studies, tagged “Empowering Women, Men, and Youths in the Transformation of Farming”, held 7th to 9th July 2015 at New SAAT Lecture Hall, FUTO.


  • 2004/2005: Postgraduate Coordinator, Department of Agricultural Economics, FUTO.
  • 2009/2010: Examination Officer, Department of Agricultural Economics, FUTO
  • 2006-2015: Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) Coordinator for Department of Agricultural Economics, FUTO.
  • 2012-2015: FUTO Desk Officer, Millennium  Development Goals/ Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs/SDGs) and member Nigerian Sustainable Development Solution Network (NSDSN) representing FUTO.
  • 2013-2015: SAAT Coordinator, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, FUTO.
  • 2014-2015: Deputy Director, University Computer Centre, FUTO.


  • 2003/2004: Member, SAAT Committee on Consultancy.
  • 2006/2007: Member, SAAT Seminar/Workshop Training Committee.
  • 2008/2009: Departmental SIWES Co-ordinator for SAAT.
  • 2014-2015:   Chairman, SAAT Seminar/Workshop Training Committee.
  • 2010-2012:   SAAT Representative in SEET Board.


Current/Immediate Past:

  • 1982/1983: National Youth Service Programme at Nigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank (now known as Bank of Agriculture).
  • 2001-2002:   Secretary, Owerri Nozie Age Grade (ONAG) a socio-cultural group in Owerri Municipal Council.
  • 2008-2015: Chairman, Elite FUTO Multipurpose Co-operative Society.
  • 2008-2010: Investment Secretary, Academic Staff Union of Universities, FUTO Branch.
  • 2007-2015: Member, Catholic Bible Society of Nigeria, St Paul’s Catholic Church, Owerri.


  • Chairman, Imo State University, Lagos Outreach Matriculation Ceremony Committee: 1998/99;1999/2000 and 2000/2001.
  • Member and Secretary, “Task Force on Re-appraisal of Aba Textile Centre”, a government-owned Handicraft Centre (1989).
  • Member and Secretary “Task Force on Re-appraisal of Imo Health Food”, a government-owned soya milk factory Ubakala, Umuahia (1990).
  • Member and Secretary “Investigation Panel on Allegation of Wrong Doings and Mismanagement” against the Management of Clay Products Limited, Ezinachi.

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