Career Opportunities (Human & Applied Physiology Department)


The programme will produce graduates that will reasonably fill in the gaps existing in teaching and research, hospitals, other work environments and emergency situations, even as self-employed. Career opportunities include:

  • Lecturing/Tutoring/Teaching opportunities: for Physiology or Human Biology at various educational institutions for medics and paramedics.
  • Health and Safety- related Research opportunities: as Research Scientists/ Officers, including as Safety pharmacologists.
  • Medical Measurement professionals: as Cardio-Physiologists, Neurophysiologists, Respiratory Physiologists, Nephro-Physiologists, Gastrointestinal/Nutrition Physiologists, Auditory Physiologists, Embryologist, Reproductive Physiologists, Endocrinologists, etc.
  • Heart-Lung Machine Operation experts: as Theatre Physiologists who are indispensable during open heart surgery.
  • Professionals in special physiological assessments using Spirometer, ECG, EEG, EMG, et
  • Physiotherapy, fitness and Sports management opportunities: as Exercise or Sports Physiologists
  • Occupational Health and Safety management opportunities: as Occupational Physiologists assessing and advising workers or prospective employees (during job recruitment/training/promotion/retirement) in diverse industries, sports, aerospace and other workplaces.
  • Public Health and Safety management opportunities: as Health educators; Disease screening/diagnosis Scientists; Health monitors, Evaluation and Planning Scientists; Emergency Management Services; Health Promotion advisors, Fitness or Safety Advisors.
  • Food, Pharmaceutical and allied Products Marketing opportunities: as Company Representatives and Research and Development Officers.
  • Journalism opportunities: as Fitness, Health or Human Safety writers/presenters.
  • Environmental Safety opportunities: as in aviation (Aerospace Physiologists), sea diving, mining, sports in different altitudes, and other workplaces in varying environments.
  • HSE, HIA and EIA consultancy opportunities.

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