Dr. Peter Chukwuma Onyebuagu

Dr Peter Chukwuma Onyebuagu,

Senior Lecturer,

Reproductive Physiology
B Sc., M Sc., PhD.



Academic/Professional Qualifications:    PhD, M.Sc.(Human Physiology)
Professional interests are in teaching human physiology and research.
Recreational interests are in reading and playing lawn tennis.

Academic and Professional Qualification

Ph.D., M.Sc.(Human Physiology)


Education Trust Fund (ETF) Research Grant, 2015.

Research Interest/Area:

Reproductive Physiology.

Title of Research: Genetics of Pre-eclampsia in Indigenous Black Women in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.  – On-going. (Grant sum: Two million naira only).

Working Experience

Above 10 years of university teaching experience.


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